Friday, December 26, 2008

Looking back on 2008: Best and worst

I thought I’d join the rest of the world in a little list making at the end of the year. What have been some of my highs and lows? I bet you are just dying to find out, so without further ado:

Personal high: Getting my awesome new job and awesome new apartment.
Personal low: Starting of the year unemployed and homeless (Remember how I spent way too much time learning how to be a good housewife?)

Fave movie I watched: I loved loved Unveiled …oh and my Clown movie night.
Worst movie I watched: Probably the Ruins (closely followed by Venom, but the Ruins wins because I actually paid money to see it at the theatre).

Unveiled (Fremde Haut)

Awesome TV: The following I did not actually watch on TV but on DVD, still, nothing gave me more pleasure this year than watching Battlestar Galactica. Other favourites included Grey’s Anatomy (until they fired Brooke Smith), Fringe and Bonekickers.
Crap TV: The list is too long. Oh and when my roommate made me watch old episodes of the A-team.

Favourite books I read: the Aud Thorvingen series by Nicola Griffith (the Blue Place; Stay and Always)
Fave album: Amanda Palmer-Who killed Amanda Palmer?
Fave websites: After Ellen, eurOut, Helium.

Hottest woman of the year: It’s a tie between Katee Sackhoff (mainly because of Starbuck. Duh) and Natasha Kai (she made me watch the Olympics even though I couldn’t care less about sports).

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