Friday, November 28, 2008

More book reviews

Eurout just published my review of Always by Nicola Griffith.

"Once more I would like to tell you about a novel by one of my favourite authors Nicola Griffith. This time I want to concentrate on “Always”, the third novel in the Aud Torvingen series. As I mentioned preciously, Griffith’s books about Aud Torvingen are fun suspenseful crime novels featuring a queer PI named Aud Torvingen who’s both very hot and slightly dangerous. Just the way we like our lesbians. At least when it comes to fiction, of course.

This final novel in the series (for now, let’s hope eventually there will be a fourth!) does not follow the story as closely as the previous two did. In fact, I would say in some respects it is a different novel all together.

It is still about Aud Torvingen, but instead of focusing on a fast-paced mystery that needs to be solved like it was the case in the previous novels the “Blue Place” and “Stay”, “Always” is much more about getting a better idea of who Aud really is."

Read the entire review here.

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