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25 Belgian beers I tried and (mostly) liked

Many great and wonderful things come from Belgium - including fries, chocolate,  smos  and, of course, my awesome girlfriend. Another thing the Belgians do best is beer. As an avid beer drinker, I've quite enjoyed sampling their many different brands over the years.  More recently, I've started to try and drink as many different ones as possible (on separate occasions, of course!). This has resulted in a list of 25 different Belgian beers that I would like to share with you. I did not only drink these beers, but I also used my own very subjective rating scale to judge each one: **** = loved it! Will drink it again and again. *** = liked it a lot! Will order it again. ** = it's ok. Not bad, but I won't order it again. * = bleh, bleh, BLEH! Stay away from this one. Luckily for me, only few of the beers I drank fell into the one star category and more than a handful I rewarded with 4 stars. Some of the beers I hated are actually ones many people love, b

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