Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Ruins: Don’t see it!

Last night I saw the worst movie I have seen in a very very long time. The more I think about how bad this movie was, the more I realize how crap it was, and I honestly cannot believe I freely chose to go see it.

My friend and I spontaniously decided to go to the movie theatre, without really looking at what was playing. We based our decision of watching The Ruins on reading the description in the leaflet that read something like:

A thriller about a group of friends on holiday, who join a German guy to search for his brother who was last seen near an ancient ruin. They soon regret their decision. They get lost in the jungle and slowly come to realize they are in grave danger.

From this decription, I did not expect the world’s best movie ever, but I also did not think the movie would basically entail watching 5 people stuck on top of a ruin for most of the movie, slowly getting killed off one by one, either by the living plants on the ruin or by stabbing each other.
The supposedly creepy living plants were the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Especially the red flowers growing in them, that could mimic sounds. Not scary at all. Just stupid.

And then there was all the needless blood and guts, including the amputation of one guy’s legs with a fishing knife, and the cutting out of living plants crawling under a girl’s skin. Again, this was not scary, just very disgusting.

I usually do not mind a little grossness in my movies, as long as it is at least a good movie. You know, a movie with an actual plot.

The other thing I hated about this film, is that all the characters (ok apart from the pre-med guy, I guess) were so damn unlikable. They were such stupid shallow spoiled (Can you think of a few more S words?) college kids. In the first five minutes I already told my friend that whatever was going to happen to them next, they’d deserve it.

In conclusion: the Ruins SUCKS, don’t see it!

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