Friday, October 17, 2008

Good bad or just bad horror movies: Venom

I generally enjoy a good thriller or horror movie, good being the operative word here. The 2005 horror movie Venom isn’t one of those. It is not even a movie of the good bad variety, but instead it is just a really bad movie.

I liked the premise of the movie: Dead guy coming back to kill random people because of some voodoo stuff gone wrong. Little did I know that that was also the entire plot of the movie. I am not exaggerating, in the first ten minutes of the movie some guy dies and then comes back and starts killing random people for no apparent reason.

It is not even explained why this is all happening until more than half way through the film. Even then, all we are told is that it has to do with voodoo and that the dead guy apparently is now filled with the evil of tens or hundreds of bad men who once lived.

C’mon, I need a little more than that. Well, actually sometimes I do not need much more than that as long as the movie is scary or suspenseful. Unfortunately, Venom is neither. Everything is unbelievably predictable, and all the scenes where people are killed are so very boring that even the grossness of it all couldn’t amuse me.

Moreover, the constant hysterical screaming of the girls who were chased by the evil dead guy were more annoying than justified. That brings me to an important question: Why is it that faced with imminent danger and possible death, every girl’s reaction in a movie is to scream their guts out?

How is that possibly going to help them? Are they trying to irritate the bad guy to death? It is not as if it is a necessary response. Look at all the guys, they aren’t screaming! They are trying their best to get the F away from the danger.

To sum it up: If you are looking for a fun thriller to watch, Venom isn’t it!

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