Friday, February 22, 2008

Do I look like a housewife?

These last few weeks I have been joking a lot about being a housewife. I moved back to the Netherlands after living abroad for a few years, so I am staying with a good friend of mine. Since I am in between jobs right now, most of my days consist of cleaning the house, doing grocery shopping, running errands and cooking dinner. I even manage to have dinner ready on the table by the time my friend gets home from work.

Needless to say, I have adjusted to my newfound role as a (temporary!) housewife pretty well. Not only that, I actually think it is kind of fun.

Even though I quite enjoy being a housewife, this does not necessarily mean I want others to perceive me as one.

I was under the illusion that there was no way anyone could possibly mistake me for a housewife, let alone a stay at home mom (!). Well, I have to rethink that one. It has happened to me a few times now, that shop assistants and other people that cross my path during the day, have assumed I was just like all the other moms out shopping.

I guess if you go shopping at times when other people are at work, it is not that strange that people assume you don’t have a job. Also, I have to admit, some of the stuff I have been shopping for has been pretty homemaker-ish (cleaning stuff, oven dish, mousetrap). But still…

Do I look like a housewife? Do I look like someone who has pushed out a couple of kids?* Do I appear maternal in any way?

Do I?

* Ok, don’t answer that one please.


unikyu said...

"Do I look like a housewife? Do I look like someone who has pushed out a couple of kids?* Do I appear maternal in any way?

Do I?"

ERm.. A know you said not to answer, but honestly, I don't know what you look like *smile*... and plus... Have you ever seen that show called "Desperate Housewives"?

Here's a picture of those housewives

Being mistaken for a housewife may not be half bad these days!

But.. ah do know what you mean. We live in a world of alternate lifestyles, work at home folks like Sarah Lo and a big part of the Internet generation... I kinda think it's cool to get a feel for 'housewife-dom' without havin' to wear the apron and push out all the little babbies lol.

Found ya blog through AE's Lo Down and have read a few entries.. pritty cool! And.. eeks.. yes, have had mi little run in with a field mouse... 'cept mine for sure has jumped ship (thank heavens!)

Happy Blogging!

gali said...

LOL! Hey Natazzz,
No idea if you "look" like a housewife but dinner being put on the table when one gets home?
When you get tired of your present room, I know one in Utrecht!;)