Monday, September 22, 2008

Clown night

This weekend I went over to my sister’s house for Clown night. What is clown night, you might wonder. Well, let me tell you. Clown night is this awesome idea where you download some of the worst and weirdest evil clown movies and you watch them all in a row while drinking margaritas.

It was simply awesome.

As you might recall, I really do not like clowns at all. In fact, I think they are all evil. Don’t agree with me? Well, it is not for nothing that there are so many movies about evil clowns out there. There is just something terribly disturbing (not to mention wrong) about grown men dressing up in a clown suit, paint their faces and try to amuse little children.

I pretty much feel the same way about mimes and Santa Claus.

Anyways, some of the awesome movies we watched include Clownhouse, Drive Thru and It. Let me just briefly explain why each of these movies are disturbing and/or awesome.

Clownhouse is a movie about a boy with an extreme fear of clowns. One night three psychopaths escape from a mental institution, kill the local circus clowns, dress up like them and break into the house of the boy with the clown phobia.

You might think that plotline is slightly disturbing, but it is nothing compared to Drive Thru, a slasher movie in which the killer is a Fast Food clown named Horny who kills anyone and everyone who comes in his way.

I like it because it is both a nice Scream rip off, as well as it makes fun of McDonalds. Most of all, this movie is extremely bad. And yes, the clown is really called Horny. There is something very disturbing about being chased by a psychotic murderous clown who is also screaming that he is horny.

Finally, It is of course a nice classic that looks very dated, but still manages to amuse. I mean, c’mon, it is about an evil clown from outer space who lives in the sewers and eats little children!

Watch this space for some more in depth reviews soon!


jennifer from pittsburgh said...

You are 100% correct about clowns being evil. One of the worst serial killers in US history, John Wayne Gacy, performed as a clown at kiddie parties.

Anonymous said...

Simply put, DRIVE THRU was the most entertaining movie of 2007. Let's hope we see more of Horny.