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Because you’re hot: Padma Laksmi

Song of the week: Fiction (Dreams in digital) by Orgy

Don’t see it: The Vanishing

You should read it: Schijn, hoop en liefde (Pretense, hope and love) by Rianne Witte

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Attention to details

Skins recap Episode 3.09: “Katie and Emily”

Song of the week: Liebe ist alles by Rosenstolz

Music Memory Moment: No More Games by New Kids on the Block

Ellen singing I kissed a girl with Katy Perry

Pocket watches

YouTube Thursday: Lesbians

German artist Hanne Darboven has passed away

New Indigo Girls album: Poseidon and the bitter bug

Streamy awards

Song of the week: Glycerine by Bush

Because you’re hot: Kaki King