Friday, May 8, 2009

Random facts about me – Part III

Back by popular demand: random facts about me part III. Fifty random facts weren’t enough, so I’m trying to think of 25 more. Why is this so much fun? No idea, but here goes…

1. I was extremely shy when I was little –scared of everything and everyone- and I remained quite introverted all through high school. These days no one believes me, because I never shut up.

2. I am quite liberal about liking someone despite their views on life, politics, etc. But there’s certain tiny things like liking/disliking certain music/films/things that can be total deal breakers for me.

3. I’m not a morning person. If I had the power I would change the world’s rhythm so that nothing ever happened before 10 am.

4. I don’t really like having lazy mornings while I’m unwashed and undressed. I always want to get showered and dressed as soon as I wake up. Then I’m ready to be lazy.

5. I stopped being jealous at other people the day I realized that wanting what they have means getting their whole life including all their flaws, misery and other crap.

6. I’ve never been a jealous person when it comes to relationships either. I don’t really grasp the concept. Sure, I don’t want my girlfriend getting it on with anyone else, but besides that I don’t really mind. A little jealousy can be cute, but if you’re a jealous bitch it’s not going to work out.

7. I was a chain smoking nicotine addict from ages 17 until 30. My whole life revolved around smoking (rolling tobacco, how butch). A little over 2 years ago I quit cold turkey. One of the hardest things I have ever done (and I’m still carrying around the extra pounds to prove it). I haven’t had a single cigarette since.

8. My oldest bestest friends are straight women who are very pretty and very girly. Despite the many things we do not have in common, we are very close. I feel very blessed with friends who know me through and through, and have always accepted and loved me unconditionally. It also makes me picky making new friends, because they set such an awesome but high friends standard.

9. When I was little I was such a tomboy, only playing boys games and with boys toys. I loved climbing trees, building stuff, cars and Lego. I could think of nothing worse or more boring than playing with dolls, or worse even, ‘to play house’.

10. From as far back as I can imagine I have always said I’d never want to get married and have kids. I just didn’t see the point. In my twenties I was still very adamant I’d NEVER do either. These days I realize that for the right woman I might change my mind, although there’s nothing on earth that could make me actually get pregnant myself. NOTHING.

11. I remember when I first learned about homosexuality this made perfect sense to me. I had a very simple idea what sex entailed, like kids do, meaning something gets inserted. So no problem to understand what two gay males would do, but I for the life of me could not figure out what lesbians did . They had nothing to insert, after all.

12. When I was a teenager I used to steal stuff, just to see if I could get away with it. Never anything big and valuable though. I stopped once I realized how easy it was.

13. The most beautiful place I have been so far was Lake Como in Italy. I was staying on top of a hill overlooking the lake and the view would almost literary take my breath away. I could stand and stare for hours. Ok maybe not hours, but many minutes for sure.

14. Saying I am not a dog person is the understatement of the year. I wouldn’t mind so much if they did not jump me or lick me. Stronger than my dislike for dogs is my dislike for dog owners who let their dogs lick and jump me and then get offended when I don’t enjoy it.

15. Speaking of dislike, have I mentioned how much I dislike stupid people yet? And people without a sense of humour? Ok, just checking.

16. Most nights I sleep like a baby. I lay down and within minutes I am asleep until the alarm wakes me up the next day. The only time I couldn’t sleep were the first six weeks after I quit smoking. I know I am very lucky and deeply sympathize with all you insomniacs out there.

17. I never ate Brussel sprouts until I moved out of my parents house, because my mother hated them and therefore never cooked them. For 20 years of my life I was convinced they were disgusting, until I decided to give them a try and I was shocked to find out I liked the taste. This discovery has made me try any food you put in front of me, no matter what horror stories I have heard about it.

18. I wouldn’t say I am OCD, but I do like things my way. Or in a certain way. I like my daily morning routine and hate to do it differently. I don’t mind if my house is a mess, but I want my books and work stuff on neat piles and in order.

19. I love computer games, but I never took it seriously. I think I am the only person in the world who is still playing with a N64. Don’t laugh, Perfect Dark rules!

20. I have an extremely light allergy to some unknown substances (I suspect one of them is ginger) which makes my nose itch uncontrollably. It’s harmless but very annoying. Living in Germany among all the blossomy trees gave me a slight hay fever, which I think is gone again.

21. I’m insensitive to any kind of thriller, horror movie or other graphic television like disasters or operations. Up until a few years ago I could also watch anything sad and not even blink an eye. Not anymore, I’m getting soft.

22. I don’t really care for most things romantic, be it gestures or presents. I won’t get excited if someone brings me flowers or fills an entire room with candles, but I will be touched just because they made the effort. Showing your love by buying me books or cooking me dinner works just as well.

23. I am pretty easy going and it takes a lot to get me really angry or upset. Once you cross that line though, there’s no turning back. I might forgive, but I’ll never forget.

24. I hate BS and I usually see through people who are insincere or just straight out lie. If you are going to lie, make sure it’s something worth lying about and make sure you lie well.

25. You can trust me never to tell your secrets to anyone else or to judge you because of them. Some think it’s because I am so nice and caring, I fear it’s because I really do not care enough to.

Still aren’t bored to tears yet and want more? Read part I and part II.


Spoil Myself said...

I could really get used to reading these things by you ;)

Brussels sprouts? I hate the smell of them.

confirmative nods to 10, 23 and half one to 4 - first need coffee

about the dog thing, I love dogs but I don't get people who only have "s/he only wants to play, means no harm" to their dogs misbehaving. Cause it's nothing else, a properly trained dog doesn't do this. Period.

Natazzz said...

Trouble is though, it's going to become harder and harder to come up with "random facts" about myself.

This one already took much longer than the other too. I guess I'm really not that exciting.

unfolder said...

I just started to read nr 1 and then before I knew it, I was at nr 25.
Keeping my attention that well on a friday evening, after work, I think is prove enough that you ARE that exciting :)

Ow and you made me proud with nr 15 :)

Nice read! Looking forward to Part IV ;)

Meg said...

i am a dog person, but my dogs DO NOT misbehave. i am very strict with their discipline and try to be respectful of not-dog people however, i find that they are harder to control if the new person won't even acknowledge their existence.

am with you on the shower thing.

have always wanted a family but am with you on the getting pregnant thing. that's why i am gay, duh, so i don't have to be the one to get pregnant. :)

Natazzz said...

Unfolder, thanks for saying I'm exciting ;-)

Megelder, I'd be happy to "acknowledge" your dogs, as long as it doesn't involve licking, drooling, crotch-sniffing or getting jumped on lol.

Ingrid said...

I love reading these :)