Wednesday, April 29, 2009

25 Random facts about me – Part II

After my successful 25 random facts about me post, and inspired by @Megelder‘s recent list of randomness about herself, I felt compelled to do another round of random facts about me. Here goes…

1. I do not pay attention to detail. I won’t notice things in my apartment for weeks, let alone see if you are wearing a new sweater or just had your hair done. I’m not being insensitive, I just do not notice.

2. If I could only have one type of food for the rest of my life it would probably be shrimp. I love shrimp. A lot. One might get tired of that eventually, so perhaps a better choice would be rice. I could eat meals that include rice every day.

3. Most of Asia would be a perfect place for me to live food wise, only I could never do it because I am really bad with heat. I am always hot anyway, so as soon as the temperature goes above 25 degrees Celsius I go crazy.

4. I am not a very sensitive person, but there’s two things that always make me cry; women I am into and reading Postsecret on Sunday.

5. I can easily watch an entire 24 episode TV series during a single weekend, pausing only for snacks and bathroom breaks. When my friend came to visit me in Germany once, we watched 27 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy the long weekend she was there, and only left the house to go to the pub.

6. I have a soft spot for girls that blush easily and for those with freckles.

7. I don’t have a driver’s license and I will probably never get one either, because I am just too much of a clutch and I can’t multi task. Seriously, talking and making coffee at the same time already is too much for me.

8. I have no sense of direction, but I am so stubborn I always think I know best. Even when I am somewhere I have never been before, I have to stop myself from correcting others.

9. I love reading, anything really. More than reading, I love words and great sentence constructions. I especially love people who are great with the written word. I am not just talking novelists. I can really dig someone for how they formulate their Tweets.

10. The things I wanted to change about myself when I was little are now the things I love about myself the most.

11. I don’t have any living things in my apartment, besides myself. No pets, and not even any plants or flowers. I never miss it, but my visitors do.

12. I sometimes leave the house without looking in the mirror or paying attention to what I am wearing. So far, no huge mishaps have happened, although it is kind of embarrassing arriving at work with toothpaste on your shirt.

13. When I was little I used to have a BMX bike. It was red and cooler than those of most of the boys I knew. I really loved that bike, and was so upset when one of the kids from my street threw it into a ditch.

14. I have an irrational, but very real fear of falling out of rollercoasters and things like ski lifts.

15. It’s been a very long time since I’ve really been in love. I miss that feeling.

16. I never pursue anything that I know I won't be good at or will take me a lot of time and effort to master. Most of the things that I do have pretty much come naturally to me.

17. I love board games and I could play them all the time. I am not at all competitive and do not care if I win or lose. It’s just the act of playing that I love.

18. I have twisted my ankles more times than I can remember and I have had all kinds of minor injuries due to sheer clumsiness. But surprisingly, I have never had any serious injuries *knock on wood*.

19. I secretly admire and envy those people who always see the best in people and try to make the world a better place, even though they also really annoy me.

20. I honestly would not mind is Christmas and all other holidays would disappear.

21. Working for eurOut is one of the coolest, most fun, and most rewarding things I have ever done.

22. I strongly believe in first impressions. If my intuition says bad news I will not even give someone a chance. I have hardly ever been wrong.

23. I like doing puzzles, it’s fun and relaxing. Not crosswords, but those that use maths and make you think. Like Sudoku, only fun. I can do this for hours and not get bored.

24. I get a strange satisfaction when all my books, CDs, DVDs etc. are in alphabetical order.

25. I really like making these lists about myself lol. So there will probably be a Part III.


Ingrid said...

I love shrimp and rice. I seriously could eat shrimp non-stop. If you put one of those shrimp platters in front of me I will eat the whole damn thing (and I have...) lol

Postsecret makes me cry too :( And I can also spend an infinite amount of time watching TV shows. Probably my favorite thing to do is marathon full seasons of shows.

And I also don't have a driver's license. Now I feel like less of a loser. ;)

Spoil Myself said...

a second round? If you keep this up, I'll have to come up with my own list ;)
There are so many points which had me nodding to my screen, me too, me too.
I love shrimps (and gambas and whatever the others are called) but hate rice, except for risotto.

My books would be in alphabetical order, if I had the space, I simply don't have enough straight walls, to put up the required shelfs. Once I went that far, that I not only put the cd's in alphabetical order but also each artist in chronological order.

I do have a driver's license but only because I would be lost without a car, having no public transportation where I lived. When I lived in that big city, I didn't even own a car and never missed it.

so, when's the 3rd on coming? ;)

Natazzz said...

Thanks for agreeing with me guys!

Ingrid, good to know I'm not the only one affected by those postcards.

Maxime, we are all waiting for your list! Oh and obviously CDs should not just be alphabetised, but also in chorological order.