Wednesday, April 8, 2009

25 Random facts about me

I’m going to entertain/bore you with 25 random facts about me. I stole this idea from Ingrid Diaz, so you can blame her for…well, I am not sure what for. Perhaps boring random trivia about me will fill you with such joy, you might want to thank her instead. Anyways, I am rambling…let’s start.

1. I love lists, regardless of whether they are existing ones or I am the one compiling them. Ok, now that I think about it, making lists myself is much more exciting. My favourite part of work is Monday morning when I make my to do list for the week. One time I even made a list of all the lists I need/wanted to make.

2. That leads me to the second random fact about me: I used to (try to) hide my geekyness. For years I did not really spend that much time being the big dork that I am, until a few years back when I fully embraced being a dork. And I love it.

3. I love onions, in any shape or form. Not just in meals, but raw as a snack too. Well ok, maybe not quite, although I did when I was younger. I still think onions and garlic make every meal better.

4. I love to cook, but I cannot cook with anyone else. I am way too stubborn. I always think I know better how things are done and I NEED to do things my way. Only when it comes to cooking though, I can be quite submissive in other areas.

5. If there is one thing that annoys me more than anything it’s stupidity. That and people without a sense of humour who take themselves too seriously. For some reason, the latter are often lesbians. I think that’s a shame.

6. I am often too honest and direct for my own good. Every day though I am learning to hold back a little. Still, I don’t really understand why I should, seeing I am only saying what everyone else is thinking.

7. I don’t dance. With that I mean I do not like to, want to or understand it. After years of standing next to the dance floor being bored out of my mind, these days I just stay away from places where people dance all together.

8. I have a weird obsession for clowns. I think they are evil and not funny at all. There’s something very wrong with grown men who put on a clown’s costume and try to entertain kids. Creepy.

9. I almost got killed when I was 17. It was very close. Guess it wasn’t my time yet.

10. I don’t care for flowers, or pets or anything else alive in my apartment, apart from me.

11. Don’t tell me what to do as it really annoys me. Ask nicely and I will do almost anything.

12. I have a PhD. (or am I a PhD?) But find it really weird when I get addressed with my Dr. title.

13. I enjoy sneezing. It’s a wonderful sensation, and I don’t mean that in a dirty way.

14. I am extremely clumsy and a total spaz. I cannot multitask or even walk around my apartment without dropping something or hitting myself somewhere.

15. I am also covered in burn scars from not paying attention or being stupid while cooking.

16. I love cooking almost as much as I like eating.

17. Sometimes I wish I didn’t like eating so much .Then I think I’d rather love food and be overweight, than to be skinny and be indifferent to eating.

18. I used to be extremely shy and the world really scared me. I still think the world is scary, but I no longer let it shut me up.

19. I don’t care for chocolate.

20. I think books are the best invention ever. I used to read anything and everything and own a ridiculous amount of books.

21. If I could do everything over again I wouldn’t change a thing, because it’s made me who I am today. And well, I rather like me.

22. I am left handed.

23. I am so not a morning person. I never have to get up that early anyway, but still I complain.

24. I am blonde, but dye my hair brown most of the time. I find it amazing how men treat me differently depending on my hair colour. Shallow much?

25. I like girls. A lot.


Tessa (tedoe) said...

funny. People always make fun of my love of list making. whatever is going on I always say " we need to make a list first!"
glad I am not the only one :)

Natazzz said...

Oh there's so many list lovers like us out there Tessa, those that don't enjoy them are the weird ones ;-)