Monday, June 29, 2009

TV shows you should own on DVD: Fringe

Fringe is quite possibly one of the best shows I have ever seen. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it is my favourite show, but it comes damn close. I just finished watching the first season and I am kind of sad about it, because now there will be no more Fringe to watch until the second season starts.

For those of you who are not familiar with Fringe (Shame on you!), the best description of the show is probably as a cross between CSI and the X-files. Actually, it is a lot like the X-files, same bizarre stuff happens, only there are no aliens.

Instead of all the aliens and other mysterious paranormal events that took place on the X-files, on Fringe it is all man made. It is scientist who were a little too smart for their own good, who are causing all the crazy happenings.

When I say crazy happenings, I mean stuff like time travel – or more exactly travel between dimensions – being able to hear and share other peoples thoughts, making people do stuff by having contagious emotions, killing people through computer viruses, and the list goes on and on.

All these mysterious happenings accompanied by unusual deaths by itself would already make this a show worth watching. I am a big fan of crime shows and mysterious sci-fi stuff in general. But what makes Fringe so great, is that there is actually a story behind it (unlike crime shows like CSI that just have the murder of the week that they solve in 45 minutes).

It’s utterly fascinating to see the story unfold, of what exactly these scientist are up to or have done and what role our main characters (have)play(ed) in it. That’s another thing I love about this show, all the main characters are so great. Great as in interesting and likeable.

I love agent Olivia (played by the gorgeous Anna Torv) – who I have already talked about at length in a previous post. She is hot and smart and so likeable. It’s one of those incidents where I am not sure whether I want to be her or do her. Probably both.

She has a great chemistry with Pacey (yes, I know that is not his character’s name, but Joshua Jackson will always be Pacey to me. I hearted Pacey. Any other Dawson’s Creek fans out there?). He’s very likeable and interesting. I want them to hook up (I am sure they will at some point, then decide it’s a “mistake”).

And of course the most likable guy of the show is the mad scientist. He must be annoying and tiresome to have as a father, but over the course of the season I have really started to love the guy. He is so brilliant and smart, yet so childlike and well, a little crazy.

I started watching the first few episodes of Fringe just enjoying the show. Then I got really invested in the storylines. Towards the end I was OMGing at my laptop screen, excited and eager to find out more.

I know it hasn’t been released on DVD yet, but when it does, make sure you get your copy of the first season of Fringe. It is so worth your money, trust me.

Now when does the second season start dammit?


Spoil Myself said...

agreed :)
I'm still watching seasons 1, week by week on German tv. I know I could watch it in english, but for once G likes the series too. Strangeley though she's not that big of a fan of Anna/Olivia.
Can't imagine why ;)

Anonymous said...

Heh, I'm a Dawson's Creek fan. Even got all the DVD's.

I shouldn't have told you that though, should I?

Natazzz said...

Maxime, I could never watch the crime shows dubbed, would just miss too much of the important info.

Broekie, you have very interesting taste. KvK, Dawson's Creek. I am very curious what else is in your collection ;-)

bekonia said...

walter rules!