Saturday, June 6, 2009

Because you’re hot: Anna Torv

I never took that much notice of Anna Torv until recently. Sure, I’d noticed she was pretty, but then, so many women are. It was not until I finally got around to watching some more episodes of Fringe that I really started to appreciate her.

I am not sure what it is about female detectives. It’s not about the fact that they wear awesome suits, carry guns and have exciting job, although that doesn’t hurt. I think it’s all about attitude. In so many roles women always have to be so weak.

Perhaps weak is not the right word, but fragile, submissive, with lots of self-esteem issues and in desperate need of a man. Women detectives, on the other hand, are usually allowed to behave at least somewhat more like real women.

Of course, the only way to explain why they are so tough, can think for themselves and don’t need to be like those other women in movies is because they have a dark past, which usually does involve some man – boyfriend or serial killer, sometimes both – who hurt them.

Olivia, Anna Torv’s character on Fringe – which is the awesomest show btw – is one of those women. She’s tough, she’s hot, and she looks great in a suit. What more can I say?

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Spoil Myself said...

sigh - Anna,
Agreed on all points :)
I had missed Anna Torv on Mistresses, simply because it's not been aired until now in Germany and perhaps because I would never had tuned into it, without the help of eurOut ;)

But Fringe? It's one of the best new shows and Anna's character is just like I like them. Just reread your post, you included all of my arguments :)