Tuesday, March 3, 2009

THIS is the final to last episode ever? Episode 6.07 of the L Word

After last week’s worst episode of the L Word EVER, things could only be better this week. To be honest I was a little afraid to start watching, just in case it would be another hour of my life I’d never get back. Well…

Only 2 minutes into the episode I just want it to STOP. Apparently, there is this big dancing competition that everyone is participating in. It starts off light and fun with Alice being cute and competitive with Beth.

The fun ends abruptly when Jenny enters the scene accusing Beth of cheating, even though we all know it never happened. Luckily the scene isn’t that long and we’re back to Alice being hilarious when she warns Beth & Tina about the dangers of having the mother of the baby they want to adopt move in with them. It’s hard to enjoy the scene much, because I’m just bracing myself for the next way they are going to spoil it for me.

Then there’s dancing and dancing and some more dancing. Too much of a good thing? Well, it’s not even that good. I am trying not to be too negative, but we are talking about the second to last episode of the L word ever. I was expecting a little more.

I LOL-ed when Tasha said, “I ’m in a turquoise onesy for you!” Would you do that for your girlfriend? I sure wouldn’t. That is followed by the best part of the episode: Tasha, Alice and Jamie doing a hilarious and awesome performance of Salt n Pepa’s Push it.

More dancing follows, including a totally retarded scene where Jenny buys Nikki for Shane for 25,000 dollars. I am not even going to bother to go into it further…

Oh man. Why couldn’t they just let Alice, Tasha and Jaime have a hot and steamy threesome? Why did it have to end in tears instead?

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Pidgey said...

My thoughts exactly.
Why we couldn't have had a happy three some thing instead of some more sadness I don't know.
But what goes on in Ilene's head is anyone's guess, I spose.
Sorry for the random commentations.. just passing through and all.