Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why did I watch Episode 6.06 of the L word?

In the first few minutes of this episode it already becomes perfectly clear that the enjoyment I experienced watching last week’s episode of the L word was a one-off thing. Now we are back to horrible, unbelievable, boring or just plain annoying television.

Am I overreacting? Perhaps I am, but c’mon, what the F is up with that retarded baby shower? Haven’t we made fun of the pregnant Trans man enough? That scene wasn’t interesting or fun. It was just a complete waste of air time.

Luckily I got to giggle for a second when awesome Joyce Wiscnia sends a text message that Beth and Tina are boring her to death. That makes two of us Joyce! Who cares about all this baby crap? I certainly don’t.

Still, of all the possible ways they could have chosen to have all this pregnancy crap play out, they have Bette and Tina adopt Max’s child? With every minute this show becomes more and more like the worst kind of soap opera I’ve ever seen.
Watching through all this BS was almost worth it, just for the whole Alice, Tasha and Jamie scenes. Oh man, that sure was hot. I know, I know, it’s so wrong to have sex with your girlfriend right after getting turned on by seeing someone else naked. But still.

I enjoyed that little scene. It’s why we watch this show, right? Wait, what, it’s not supposed to only be about hot sex scenes? Well, I rather believe that than think this show is trying to give an accurate representation of queer life.

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