Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pets, kids and straight guys

Last night I went to a BBQ party. It was kinda fun, and I had a good time. This was mainly because of the great weather, the delicious food, and the lovely cocktails. It had little to do with the company.

I mean, my friends who threw the party were of course great, and so were a few other peeps there. But there were also a lot of pets, little kids and annoying straight dudes. All three were very exhausting. Exhausting and needy.

The pets needed petting, the kids needed attention, and the guys needed to show everyone just how manly they were. I usually get on great with straight guys, not so much though when they are acting like extras from Jackass.

They said a lot of stupid and chauvinistic things, managed to almost set the shed on fire, and one of them actually tried repeatedly to light one of his farts-I kid you not.

If that was not fun enough already, I also got to hold someone’s baby, entertain a toddler, and watch someone’s photos of their dog. Then I had to listen to a bunch of straight girls complaining how their boyfriends never buy them flowers.

Lately I had been feeling as if I was getting a little old, boring and domesticated. You know, I started thinking that maybe the housewife label wasn’t that far off. Last night proved me wrong: I am so much cooler than those peeps at the BBQ, and I really hope I will stay that way.

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~wicked~ said...

"tried to light up his fart-i kid you not"....sounds like my ex-husband (pre-outage days) was