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Recapping Season 1 of Wynonna Earp: Episode 2: Keep the home fires burning

Previously on Wynonna Earp: Wynonna came back to her hometown Purgatory, where it's full of demons called revenants. Luckily, she has a nifty gun she calls Peacemaker that can kill them, and an overly serious partner Marshall Dolls and a cute sister Waverly to help her fight evil. See my recap of Episode 1 for more details.

Wynonna doesn't really care about all the boring Black Badge Division rules.
Marshall Dolls is telling Wynonna all the rules for working for the Black Badge Division. Wynonna isn't really impressed, she just wants to shoot revenants with her cool gun.

She's pretty sure only that gun can send the demons back to hell, but Marshall Dolls isn't convinced. "Wanna bet? Loser buys dinner?" she suggests, to which Marshall Dolls replies: "No. You lose, you die." He's such a party pooper!

The revenant that needs killing is in a club, where for some reason only very happy blonde women come to dance. I guess this is done on purpose to make Wynonna stand out more, but it's just a little weird.

There's a strangely large amount of happy blonde women in this club.

Not one for being subtle, Wynonna decides to fire her gun in the club to draw attention. She does manage to shoot a revenant, but not without everyone being all panicky and running out of the club. Agent Dolls isn't very pleased.

It might not be very low key, but it does look very badass.

Agent Dolls:  Black badge is about flying under the radar. You flew over the radar in a flaming pink jet. You made a spectacle of yourself deputy.

Wynonna:      Pink?

Agent Dolls:  Yeah, pink.

Wynonna:     How dare you. And you owe me dinner!

Oh, how I love this show!

Doc Holliday is mingling with the revenants, while Agent Dolls teaches Wynonna how to shoot a gun. While they're shooting stuff, he gives her more boring, detailed background info on the Black Badge Division and the revenants.

Look how much fun I am having with my awesome boyfriend!
Wynonna doesn't get why everything needs to be a secret, but Agent Dolls thinks the people of Purgatory wouldn't be able to deal with it. Wynonna tells him to have a little faith, because they survived hot dog stuffed crust pizza. This is actually a thing that exists out in the real world. Eww!

Waverly and Champ drive by being totally ridiculous and over the top while greeting them. I guess we needed at least one reference to Waverly having a boyfriend, and I suppose these five silly seconds were enough.

Later at Shorty's Wynonna and Waverly catch up. That's when a revenant shows up, wanting Peacemaker or else he'll kill Waverly. That's exactly what a revenant said last episode. These revenants are so unoriginal.

Wynonna is not going to let anything happen to her little sister.

Big sister Wynonna protecting a scared Waverly.

The revenant gets hold of the gun, but he cannot touch it without it burning him up. So Wynonna gets to shoot him with it, and there is yet again one less revenant. Too bad there are many, many more of them.

Now we come to the scene where Waverly and Officer Nicole Haught first meet. We are at Shorty's and Waverly has just managed to get beer all over herself, when Nicole walks in. Nicole makes some comment about wet t-shirt competitions, then says she thought it was about time she introduced herself. I totally agree.

They are so adorable together!
This is such a great scene! It's all smiles and glances and great banter.

Officer Haught wants a coffee to go, but Waverly tells her they're not open yet. Nicole tells her that's her bad, but it's just that when she sees something she really likes she does not want to wait. Oh, and the door was open. Of course.

This is when Waverly decides it's the perfect moment to take her wet top off. She asks Nicole to turn around while she does it (how cute!), but then gets stuck in her top and asks for Nicole to help her out.

Still being adorable...

Waverly:  Good job you're not some guy, right. Or this would be really..really awkward.

Nicole:     *just smiles at Waverly*

Waverly:  I owe you one.

Nicole:     Alright. How about you buy me that cup of coffee tonight?

Waverly: Oh, I can't. No. I mean, I'd love to. Um, but I have plans. Yeah, I'm a planner. I like to know what I am doing at least two, three days in advance and um...I'm in a relationship. With a

Nicole:    A boy-man? Yep, I've been there. It's the worst. OK. Well, some other time. I mean it.

Oh, I love these two!
Oh, I love these two! They are so adorable together. Even in this very first scene, you know it's only going to be a matter of time before they get together.

As Nicole leaves, Waverly picks up the business card Nicole has left behind and looks at it.

Waverly:   Officer Haught. Of course.

Agent Dolls is taking over most of the space at the police station, the Sheriff doesn't like it one bit. He's talking with Wynonna when Nicole walks in being all friendly and nosey. Agent Dolls isn't amused and tells her if she ever enters the room again without knocking he's going to have her arrested for treason. He's such a fun guy!

Doc Holliday comes into Shorty's again and Waverly mistakes him for a Wyatt Earp groupie. LOL. She pays for his tab with her tips and he repays her by sneaking into her room and looking through her stuff. Wynonna catches him, but he manages to run away.

The Earp sisters aren't sure what they are looking for.

Wynonna tells Waverly she can't go back to her apartment, because it's not safe there. "But my yoga mat is there!" is Waverly's response. Girl's got some interesting priorities. Still, I doubt the infamous, almost falling apart family home is any safer.

They go look for some secret talisman. That's when the sky grows dark even though it's the middle of the day. That's never good. Something evil is coming. Strangely enough the Earp sisters aren't worried and go outside to sit by the fire instead.

That's when Waverly remembers she used to have an imaginary friend named Bobo who helped her bury a talisman. Turns out Bobo wasn't all that imaginary and is actually the leader of the revenants. Oops.

Shadow man is coming for them and he is really creepy and makes everything dark. They try to run away, but he's drained the car's battery. So they run to dig up the talisman instead. Agent Dolls shows up with Wyatt Earp's gun and Wynonna shoots the creepy Shadow man.

The Earp sisters really enjoy sisting outside by the fire.

The world is saved for yet another day. Waverly is excited about joining the team. She hopes to get a badge, a code name and maybe a flamethrower. Wynonna tells her she will just be a consultant.

Last episode ended with the Earp sisters discussing the hotness of Agent Dolls, this time it's all about Doc Holliday. Apparently, Wynonna's entire body is telling her he's a bad boy. They laugh about the name Bobo, like how bad can someone with such a name really be? I guess we will find out next time.

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