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Recapping Season 1 of Wynonna Earp: Episode 5: Diggin' up bones

Previously on Wynonna Earp: Waverly and Officer Nicole Haught continue to be totally adorable together, but unfortunately, we did not get to see them together in the previous episode. Wynonna has been killing revenants with her nifty gun, fighting evil together with Dolls and Waverly.  See my previous recaps for more details.

Wynonna is having a nightmare.

Wynonna is having a creepy nightmare. She's walking around in the Earp's home looking for her sister Willa. She's wearing a bloody white dress. Waverly is there too, and then she is not. Wynonna keeps saying Willa cannot be there, because she is dead. Sounds like foreshadowing to me.

Waverly wakes Wynonna up and tells her she can't keep doing this. With this, she means killing people and pretend it doesn't affect her. Wynonna says they are already halfway through the seven revenants who killed their father, but Waverly reminds her there are 77 in the curse.

Damn, that's a lot of revenants to kill, especially seeing as Wynonna only seems to kill about one per episode.

Why is nobody wearing pants?

Waverly:       You are barely five percent of the way in.

Wynonna:     You and your math both suck!

Waverly tells her she called out Willa's name. Because Waverly was very young when Willa was taken, she does not really remember her all that well. Wynonna hopes that by killing all the revenants she can somehow make right all the wrong that's been done to their family.

Or shirts?

Dolls is working out in his office when Wynonna walks in. "I brought you a shirt, put your coffee back on! You know what I mean." she utters at the sight of him. Apparently, the air conditioner is off in the entire building, not sure how that explains the semi-naked workout at the office.

They go to suck up to the judge who can decide whether or not they can continue to do their work in Purgatory. Turns out Dolls is really good at it, Wynonna not so much. Then again, the judge doesn't have anything positive to say about Wynonna.

The plan is to investigate Bobo's illegal activity. Wynonna asks what's been on my mind too; why can't she just shoot Bobo with peacemaker? Well, she can't because of all the innocent bystanders at the trailer park who could see what happens when she shoots revenants. It has to remain a secret. Or something.

Wynonna doesn't like rules.

Wynonna:  So we do it by the stupid book!

Waverly is doing some spying on Bobo at the trailer park. She even brought snacks. Meanwhile Wynonna and Dolls search Bobo's trailer, but of course there is nothing to be found. Dolls asks where some of his friends are, and Bobo responds they are at a yoga mat sale. Someone working on this show really doesn't like yoga!

Bobo keeps trying to wind Wynonna up, and it finally works as she jumps on a car, shoots Peacemaker in the air all dramatic, and demands Bobo tells her who the last two revenants are who were part of the killing of her dad.

Waverly: Wynonna is going all Wynonna again...

Wynonna is going all Wynonna.

A fight between Wynonna and some of the trailer park folks ensues, but nobody gets hurt too badly. Bobo is arrested and some guy hides under Wynonna's car to follow her back into town.

Dolls is mad at Wynonna, because she didn't behave and now they have nothing concrete to hold Bobo in jail for. Wynonna tries to remind him she is not a cop. She wants to do this her way. Dolls reminds her that her way isn't exactly working.

Waverly is scared, but does it anyway...

Waverly has sneaked into the interrogation room with Bobo. She's got a lot of guts. He tries to scare her, but she is ignoring it. Instead she asks him why when she was little he chose her to manipulate.

She thinks it was because she was gullible and weak. Instead, he tells her weak is something she has never been. He chose her because she was angry. Of course, Waverly denies being angry then and now.

Bobo:            You've got depths, that neither of us know the bottom of yet. Trust me.

Waverly:       You don't know anything about me. Except maybe what happened to Willa.

Bobo:            Nothing good.

That's when Wynonna walks in and she isn't very pleased to find Waverly with Bobo. She gets out her gun and wants to shoot him, but he's got some power that makes the gun fly from Wynonna's hand to his. Bobo warns her that her shoulders might feel heavy now, but she should wait how she feels when everyone she loves is in agony.

He just needs some help finding his revenant boyfriend.

Bobo gets released and Wynonna walks out of the police station annoyed and angry. She gets in her car and there is the guy who followed under her car, ready to stick a knife to her throat and demand things of her. What he wants is for her to go back to the trailer park with him.

Wynonna:         I was just thinking I need another man to tell me what to do today and here you are. Awesome!

Waverly and Doc have followed them in Waverly's car and have managed to cut them off. This enables Wynonna to point her gun at the revenant in her car and shoot him. He stops her, telling her he knows who attacked her family.

Old buddies reunited.

He doesn't exactly know, but he has a photo with all the revenants on it. Turns out him and Doc are old buddies. The three of them go to Shorty's to talk. The revenant tells Wynonna about the guy that he loves, who just happens to be the photographer who took the photo she needs.

Seems like they were just two revenants in love, promising each other that when they got shot with Peacemaker they would regenerate at the same place and time. But being evil revenants and all, the other guy made some deal with Bobo. He just wants Wynonna to find out if his old love is alright. Ah, how romantic!

Wynonna doesn't need Doc's help with a little torturing.

Wynonna goes to talk to some guy named Vinny and will torture him for information if necessary. Doc doesn't want her to go alone, but she says she's got it, he just needs to babysit the revenant. Oh, and gut him in case it's a trap and she dies.

When Wynonna storms into Vinny's shed, he's standing in a bathtub in his underwear gutting a large fish. This show is so fantastically weird and disgusting!

So what if I'm just standing here in my bathtub in my underwear gutting a fish?

Wynonna interrogates Vinny and tortures him by putting fish hooks through his body. Before she can put one through his eyelid he tells her where she can find the photographer.

Not only that, but he also shares it was Doc Holliday who punished and tortured the photographer by tying him up just outside of Purgatory (Because revenants cannot leave Purgatory, when they do cross the town's city limit they slowly burn to death).

Wynonna shoots Vinny then goes back to Shorty's and does some shots before she is ready to confront either of the men waiting there for her.

Boobs are her secret weapon!

Turns out the photograph she wants is at the police station, so the plan is to break in there. Why can't she just go in - seeing as she works there - and get it? Doc suggests using dynamite to get in, but Wynonna says she's got something better: boobs!

There's actually two women working at the police station who do not care about Wynonna's boobs, but evidently they do like the charms of Doc Holliday. They set off the alarm so everyone leaves the police station.

Just as Wynonna is carrying boxes of old Wyatt Earp stuff out of the police station they run into Dolls. Again, couldn't she have just asked for this stuff instead? He lets them run off with the boxes.

Caught in the act.

The boxes are not full of photos, but just the negatives. Wynonna suggests developing all the photos, but heartbroken revenant guy cannot wait any longer and needs to see his long-lost revenant love.

They drive to where Doc tied him up, but he is no longer there, just his foot is. Seems like he chewed it off. Eww! Another Wynonna Earp episode, another loose body part.

They find him somewhere halfway between where he was tied up and the town's border. The lovers are reunited, but it is bittersweet because Wynonna is going to shoot them both as they are still evil revenants.

Dying revenants in love.

Wynonna and Doc argue about all that's gone down. Wynona tells him she's nothing like him, she needs a code to live by. Doc says she is exactly like him. That's when they decide to jump each other. I guess all that torturing and killing has made them all hot and bothered.

Wynonna:     We can't..

Doc:               Shhh. We say that after.

Does that enormous moustache really not bother her?

The episode ends with Dolls developing all the photos Wynonna stole from the police station. There is a very cute one of all the Earp sisters as little girls that Wynonna gets to take home.

As she leaves Dolls finds the photo of the seven revenants and the body of daddy Earp. The scene ends with the exact same photo standing on the judge's desk.

Pretty good episode, it had me entertained throughout. There was little Waverly though, and more importantly, this is the second episode we haven't seen Officer Haught at all. Good thing we know the upcoming episodes will more than make up for that.

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