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Recapping Season 1 of Wynonna Earp: Episode 1: Purgatory

I missed recapping. I haven't done it in years, but I remember I used to really enjoy it when I was the entertainment editor for eurOut in a former life. When Ingrid recently started recapping Supergirl [check out her wonderful recaps here], it made me want to give it a go again too.

I used to recap shows like Los hombres de Paco. Remember? That's that Spanish show where in the season finale Pepa and Silvia got married, then Silvia got shot and half of the episode consisted of her bleeding to death, including a scene where Pepa had to cut the bullet out of her wife with a razor. Good times. Needless to say, I wanted to recap something slightly lighter this time.

Worst death for a TV lesbian? Probably not even, here's 172 deaths to compare it to.

One of my favorite shows of last year was Wynonna Earp, so I thought why not start by recapping the first season. I mean, it's a really good show, lots of fun scenes and dialogues, and of course, a very cute and fun lesbian storyline. What's not to like?

Not sure how often I will get around to it - I forgot how much time it takes to recap (most time is wasted on deciding which exact screencaps to include), but I am sure I will be done before Season 2 starts.

The perfect location to get killed while peeing.

At the start of Episode 1 we see Wynonna Earp on a bus on her way back home to attend a funeral. They are driving through the dark woods in the middle of nowhere, when the bus breaks down. This is when one of the passengers decides to get off the bus to go pee in the dark, scary woods, which is always a great idea.

Wynonna gets off the bus as well to look for her, but it's a little too late and the girl is already dead. There is something evil in these woods, we do not know yet who or what it is. But do not fear as Wynonna is here to kick its butt.

After the butt kicking she walks back to town - which is called Purgatory, obviously, where no one is really happy to see her. Apparently, she's the black sheep of the family, which in TV shows usually means she's the most interesting character.

We find out she's been in Europe, is wanted by the police and is determined to find out what really happened to her uncle Curtis.

Oh Champ, do we really need you on this show?

She questions Champ - the dumbest boy in town - by pretending to seduce him, or something. It works though, and he tells her all. That's when Waverly Earp enters the room with a big shotgun, ready to save her boyfriend. Waverly starts shooting and Wynonna ducks away proclaiming: "Worst birthday ever!" And with that the Earp sisters are reunited.

Waverly with a gun looking more cute than badass.

Meanwhile the sheriff and a yet unidentified agent have discovered a third body in the woods. It's the girl with the weak bladder. There is also a scene with some bad guys being bad, which includes a tongue being ripped from some bad guy's mouth. But this recap is not about the boring or gory details, so let's move on.

The Earp sisters catch up. Waverly wants to know what Wynonna is doing back in town, besides her boyfriend. Wynonna assures her she never would touch that 'man-child' and that Waverly could do a lot better. Waverly agrees, but this is only Episode 1 so she doesn't know yet what good things are in store for her dating wise.

They discuss what might have happened to Curtis, and conclude that 'it is happening again'. We are not yet told what 'it' might entail. Waverly suggests they should find Wyatt Earp's gun, but Wynonna thinks that's a very bad idea.

The Earp sisters are catching up on the past 3 years.

They argue some more about things that have happened in the past, when they run into the unidentified agent. He really needs to talk to Wynonna about the girl in the woods. We find out his name is agent Dolls and he works for the Black badge division who investigate unexplainable activity.

Wynonna goes to visit the house they grew up in. It looks really old and abandoned. We get a flash back of all that took place there. Apparently, there was an older sister Willa, who had inherited some ability that made her able to shoot demons, they refer to as revenants.

Such a crappy house, but the surroundings are very pretty.

One night the revenants came to the house and kidnapped Willa. This memory makes Wynonna decide they do need Wyatt Earp's gun. Only problem is, the bad guys are trying to get their hands on it as well.

Wynonna runs into her aunt who tells her she's trouble and should just go back to wherever she came from. She tells her: "I love you Wynonna, but you're as broken as they come." Ah who doesn't love family!

Totally plot driven necessity of semi-nudity.

She runs into agent Dolls again, just as she's climbing out of a well. I guess this made her a little dirty, as she decides that's the best time to change her clothes. She tells him she's scary good in bed, he asks her to join his squad. She's not really feeling it.

It turns out Wyatt Earp's gun was hidden in the well. Wynonna decides to practice shooting it, but she is extremely bad at shooting a gun. She has another flashback of her shooting her dad with the gun. I guess Wynonna has quite a few issues.

She looks so innocent, but check out her creepy serial killer scrapbook wall in the background.

Meanwhile Waverly is still convinced she should help out. While Wynonna was away she's done a lot of research into their past, with a creepy serial killer scrapbook wall and everything. Wynonna just wants to run away, and Waverly calls her a coward.

Wynonna decides to go drown her sorrows at the local pub called Shorty's. That's when she meets Doc Holliday, only she won't know that's who he is for another few episodes.

The next morning Wynonna goes to say goodbye to her aunt, but finds her knocked down on the ground and learns that Waverly has been kidnapped. She calls in the help of agent Dolls, who tells her they both know demons took Waverly.

Wynonna cannot believe he's just saying that, because it's the very thing that got her committed years ago. More Wynonna issues. It's quite remarkable she's doing so well. I guess it's true what they say, what doesn't kill you makes you...very cool and bad ass?

Waverly is still hanging in there...

Wynonna gets on a motorcycle and heads for their old family home. Waverly is hanging from a noose, with luckily still a little stool under her feet. Wynonna asks her if she's hanging in there. Is there ever a wrong moment for a punny joke?

The revenants want to trade Waverly for Wyatt Earp's gun. Wynonna ends up blowing some of them up and actually shoots one with Wyatt Earp's gun. Turns out she is the heir after all, and the gun does a nifty thing where it not only shoots the demon, but the demon burns and disappears into the ground.

It reminds me of Buffy, where vampires always just turned into dust and demons disappeared into thin air. It saves our demon hunters so much time on clean up and cover ups.

Wynonna looking totally badass.

The world is saved for another day. Wynonna and Waverly talk about things on the porch of their old home, where they are actually going to live. Agents Dolls shows up too, and the Earp sisters discuss his great butt. Like you do.

He sort of blackmails Wynonna into helping him get rid of all the demons, and she agrees because she was planning on doing that anyway. All the demons are tied to Purgatory, so that's an easy way for the writers to explain why Wynonna would stay in this town. But who's complaining, not me. This show is too much fun.

The Earp sisters relaxing at home in Purgatory.

And that's the end of Episode 1. Come back soon for the recap of Episode 2.

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