Sunday, January 3, 2016

25 Belgian beers I tried and (mostly) liked - Part 3

Last year and two years before that I made a list of 25 Belgian beers I tried. This year was a very good year for trying out new beers. So much so that I am already ready to make another list. It was another year of wonderful discoveries. I never knew there were so many Belgian beers I'd never tried before *happy sigh*.

All beers were once again rated with my very subjective rating scale:

**** = loved it! Will drink it again and again.
*** = liked it a lot! Will order it again (and again).
** = it's ok. Not bad, but I won't order it again.
* = bleh, bleh, BLEH! Stay away from this one.

51. Amburon ***

A nice strong blonde beer. It was one of my many new beer discoveries at the wonderful Belgian beer cafe de Gouverneur in Maastricht where they let you choose your beers from their beer bible:

52. Broeder Jacob Formidabel **

This blonde beer was nothing like its name would suggest. Not bad, but definitely not good either. I think it was the only disappointing find from my trip to Bierboetiek de Zythotheek in Valkenburg. I guess you need to be a Belgian soccer supporter to really enjoy it.

53. Ciney blonde**

Another disappointing blonde beer. So much so that I don't even remember when or where I drank it. Don't order this one, there's much better beers out there.

54. Corsendonk Agnus triple ***

A nice blonde triple. Nothing more and nothing less.

55. Deugniet***

A very nice blonde beer. It tastes a lot better than the label would suggest. I only tried it because it reminded me of Brugse Zot, which I really enojoy. Not as good, but nice enough.

56. Ename triple ***

Another nice blonde triple. It's incredible to think about the fact that Belgium literally has hundreds of triple beers, many of which we do not even know exist.

57. Floreffe blonde ***

This was a very nice discovery while I was enjoying the spring sun on the terrace of the Belgian beer cafe de Brabante Aap in Amsterdam. A strong blonde beer that never disappoints.

58. Florival triple ****

A very nice triple. It's from the same brewery that makes Affligem, which I love, so it's not surprising I really enjoyed this one as well.

59. Gauloise amber ***

This year I discovered I really enjoy amber beers as well as blonde (dark beers have never been my favorite, certain exceptions not withstanding). Gauloise amber is a really nice amber beer.

60. Gentse strop **

Another two star beer I hardly remember drinking. Boring blonde beer.

61. Gentse tripel ***

Luckily not everything from Gent is boring. This triple I really enjoyed. This was another pick from de Bierboetiek Zythotheek.

62. Gouden Carolus Triple ***

I first discovered Gouden Carolus when I lived in Groningen. I already enjoyed their blonde beer, but their triple is even nicer.

63. Hof ten dormaal dubbel barrel aged **

Not really my cup of tea, or glass of beer if you will. It's very dark and has a strong taste I didn't really enjoy. 

64. Kapittel Watou tripel abt 10 ***

Another nice amber triple that convinced me I should try more amber beers.

65. Kasteel tripel ***

This was a beer I was convinced I had drank before, but it wasn't on any of my lists. So I gave it a try and I am glad I did, because it was another very nice one. 

66. Kwak **

I had the same idea with Kwak. In additon, it is one of those beers I often see people order, so I figured it must be very good. Not so much, or maybe it's just me. 

67. La Chouffe ***

I finally got over myself and tried La Chouffe, as it seems to be a lot of people's favorite. And I have to say I wasn't disappointed. Will definitely have this again.

68. Lamme Goedzak **

This is another discovery from de Gouverneur. Not my favorite, but it was alright to try. The two stars is probably because it's a Dutch/Belgian brew, and I usually don't like the typical Dutch taste.

69. Leffe Christmasbeer **

I'm usually not a fan of special season beers, and Leffe Christmasbeer is exactly why. It's like a Leffe only without the nice Leffe taste. 

70. Omer ***

Omer is one of the nice surprises that came from the Albert Heijn supermarket. It's a nice strong blonde beer, just the way I like it.

71. Orval **

Another beer that's quite popular. I didn't get why. Let's leave it at that.

72. Piraat ***

Despite the name, it's a really nice amber triple. 

73. Poperings hommelbeer ***

This is one of those beers that's really nice, but you should never have more than one. It's a strong blonde beer with a sweet honey taste.

74. Reinaert tripel ***

Reinart is a very nice Abdij tripel. Another one I hope to drink more of.

75. Satan Red ***

I wanted to drink the Gold (blonde) one, but they didn't have it, so I went for the amber beer instead. It tastes much better than it looks.

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jennifer from pittsburgh said...

And now I have to ask: What is a triple beer? Sadly, the only Belgian beer I am familiar with is Chimay, which I love :)

Natazzz said...

Triple is the term of strong ale that's gone through the process of refermentation: and it's simply delicious. Chimay also comes in many different kinds, including Triple.