Saturday, January 3, 2015

25 Belgian beers I tried and (mostly) liked - Part 2

A while back I made a list of 25 Belgian beers I tried, and now, two and a half years later, it's time for the next 25 Belgian beers. I took my time with this next selection, not because I started to enjoy sampling beers less, but simply because the more beers you have drunk the fewer new ones you come across. Also, you don't always want to try something new. More often than not over the last couple of years, I just enjoyed drinking Belgian beers I'd drank before. With 25 exceptions...

All beers were once again rated with my very subjective rating scale:

**** = loved it! Will drink it again and again.
*** = liked it a lot! Will order it again.
** = it's ok. Not bad, but I won't order it again.
* = bleh, bleh, BLEH! Stay away from this one.

26. Achel ***

A nice blonde Trappist beer. Nothing more and nothing less. I would order it again, but I wouldn't search for it specifically.

27. Affligem blonde ****

I love the taste of Affligem. It's a great blonde Belgian beer. Definitely a beer I would order if it was on the menu.

28. Affligem triple****

The only beer I enjoy more than an Affligem blonde is an Affligem triple. Then again, 2014 was quite the triple year for me. You cannot go wrong with this one.

29. Brigand triple ***

This one was a nice surprise. If I had seen what the bottle looked like I never would have ordered it, but it was actually really good.

30. Brugge triple****

Another great triple discovery! I first tried Brugge triple in an Belgian beer cafe in Amsterdam, and have drunk it a few times since. Just a great tasting triple.

31. Brugse Zot bock ***

I really enjoy Brugse Zot and I am not generally a big fan of bock beer, so this beer was a bit of a gamble. It was actually not bad for a bock beer, but I definitely prefer a regular Brugse Zot over a Brugse Bok.

32. Cuvee des trolls **

This beer pretty much taste like you'd expect from the label. It isn't awful, but it's also not a beer I would order again. 

33. First angel **

A "well meaning" bartender suggested this beer to me, after he was convinced many of his triples were not really for me. This blonde beer mixed with champagne (!) couldn't be further from what I would have chosen myself. And for good reason.

34. Gerardus kloosterbier blonde **

Gerardus wasn't really my cup of tea. That's all I remember about it. Thus, very forgettable.

35. Grimbergen double **

Grimbergen is one of those abdij beers that just isn't a taste for me. I don't hate it, but I also do not really enjoy the taste of any of their beers, including the Grimbergen double.

36. Guldenberg **

Guldenberg also didn't do much for me. I remember this having a rather bitter after taste that I didn't really appreciate.

37. Hoegaarden ***

I haven't drank this beer in probably 10 or 15 years even, but I realized it wasn't on any of my lists yet. I spent quite a number of years drinking this White  beer. Very enjoyable, at least that is how I remember it.

38. Karmeliet triple ***

Karmeliet is another nice discovery. It isn't in my top 5 of favourite triples, but definitely in my top 20. Very enjoyable.

39. Leffe Ritual no. 9 ****

A while back I discovered Leffe had a whole host of different beers besides blonde and dark, so I decided to try them all. Leffe Ritual is the greatest of them all. Very nice.

40. Leffe Royale ***

Leffe Royals also was quite nice, but not as good as the Ritual or a regular Leffe blonde.

41. Leffe triple ****

This Leffe is one of my favourites, but that's of course because it's a triple and as I said, I'm really into those lately. But you really cannot go wrong with any of the Leffe beers.

42. Limburgse witte **

This beer isn't very exciting. I would just try something else if you have the choice.

43. Maes **

I was at Pukkelpop this summer and they served Maes beer in plastic cups there. Not a beer to get very excited about, but not bad compared to some of the Dutch ale.

44. Ops-ale **

I think their slogan "simple the best" might be meant ironically, because this is definitely not the best beer I've ever had. It was ok-ish.

45. St. Feullien triple ***

Another nice triple. Not the best I've had, but also not the worst.

46. Ter Dolen triple ****

I really enjoyed Ter Dolen triple. I would order this again (and again). Very nice!

47. Tongerlo prior ***

I had the blonde beer of Tongerlo called Prior. It was nice, I would drink it again.

48. Val-Dieu blonde ***

A nice beer, but not one of my favourites. I guess a little like the cheese from the same region.

49. Waterlootoise triple ***

I bought a six-pack of Waterlootoise triple in a giftshop in Waterloo. It tasted so much better than I expected from giftshop beer. Then again, Belgian beer is always good, even if it's very commerical.

50. XX Bitter ***

Finally, another beer that tasted much better than it looked. And contrary to its name, it wasn't all that bitter at all.

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