Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fiction-ish blogging from a kids' perspective: Young and Innocent

Are you tired of just reading about lesbians and other gay stuff? Did you wish I would write about something else, perhaps even fictional? Then do check out one of my other blogs Young and Innocent. 

In Young and Innocent I delve into the mind of my kid self, and I blog about my thoughts and experiences as if I was still young and innocent. Because my childhood was rather boring, I tend to make a lot of stuff up. My latest post is all about my former love of playing with fire:

I like playing with fire, with matches to be more precise. I love how simple it is to make a flame, to watch it, to wave my finger through it without getting burned. It’s even more fun when you light many matches at once, and build a little bonfire. Just a tiny one though, tiny fires are fun. Ok maybe not only tiny fires are fun, but I would not make those up in my bedroom. Read more here.

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unfolder said...

I love reading these stories! <3