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10 European LesBian and LGBT websites you should be visiting

Lists are hot is a monthly column for all those that love lists. This time I want to share with you some of the coolest European LesBian websites around.

Obviously, when it comes to favourite European lesBian websites, eurOut is and should be on top of the list. But since you are already familiar with our site, let's have a look at some other great European lesBian and LGBT websites.

During the time I wrote the website of the week segments, I came come across many very interesting lesBian and LGBT websites, of which I selected 10 European ones that I think are worth checking out. These websites are in no particular order, and I have also tried to select websites from as many different countries as possible.

1. G3 Magazine (UK)

G3 magazine is a UK based online magazine for lesbians and bisexual women. The magazine has been around since 2001 and, according to their website, has an estimated readership of around 140,000 people a month. Readers include both women who buy the printed magazine in the shops and those that read it online.

On the G3 website, besides an online copy of the magazine, you can also find lots of other stuff including the latest LGBT news, polls on various subjects, features and columns not in the magazine, travel suggestions and relationship advice. Their online magazine looks great and is a fun read, and also the general website offers a lot of different things to hold your interest.

2. Pink Pearls Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

Do you like travelling? Do you like dating? Do you like lesBians? If you answered yes to those questions, Pink Pearls (formerly known as Garbo Amsterdam) might be just the thing for you!

Pink Pearls is a social network site for European lesbians and bisexual women. It was originally only focused on the Netherlands (and Amsterdam, hence the name), but they are hoping to extend their network and appeal to lesBians from all over Europe. Some of the stuff Pink Pearls gets up to includes organising European holidays especially for lesBians. This includes regular holidays, as well as trips to events and parties.

3. Lesbisk On Screen (Norway)

Lesbisk OnScreen, the Norwegian website for anything that is lesbionic in entertainment. Lesbisk Onscreen covers stuff like where the lesbians are on television, what all the hottie handball players get up to, and what events are taking place around Norway.

If that isn’t enough for you to check out their website, they also have lists of queer movies and television programs and they show tweets from everyone they deem interesting that follows them on Twitter.

4. Yagg (France)

Yagg is the French media site catering to the LGBT community. The site was created in 2008 by a group of four experienced journalists, three gay guys and one lesbian (Judith Silberfeld).

Yagg started with the goal to be a source of information for every LGBT-person in France which makes the site very diversified. Their articles span topics from coverage of press conferences by politicians, reviews of art exhibitions and theatre plays, a cruising guide for gay men, a “Revue de web” offering links to articles of LGBT interest from all over the world, to video footage of kiss-ins, pride marches and many more.

5. Stupenda (Spain)

Stupenda is a Spanish online magazine aimed at lesbians in Barcelona, Spain. The magazine first started in 2002 and they cover all sorts of things of interest to queer women, like books, movies, music, fashion, gossip, The L Word, events and anything else about women that might be worth covering.

Besides the magazine, Stupenda also holds a monthly party by the same name during which former eurOut writer Clarix usually DJs.

6. Kweens (Germany)

Kweens is a lesbian entertainment website in German, which was created in 2008. What kind of things can you find on their website? Well, they report on things like the latest movies, music videos, and events.

They also have features like 'Lovely Saturday', which features lovely and hot ladies, and they also write about more serious stuff like articles on gender and sexuality, gay marriage and insemination.

7. Jong & Out (the Netherlands)

Jong & Out (Young and Out) is an online community for Dutch gays, lesbians and bisexuals age 18 and under. It provides the opportunity for gay teens to meet like minded others both online and in the flesh, and it's also a great resource of information.

On the website information is provided about being young and out, including how to deal with homophobia and coming out in high school. There's even a section for parents to be reassured about their sons and/or daughters visiting the website.

8. Gaelick (Ireland)

Gaelick is an award-winning Irish website for LGBT news, whose news and entertainment posts we often feature on eurOut.

They have been around for a number of years, and provide the latest news of what queer related things are happening in Ireland, as well as in the rest of the world. Besides great informational posts, they also offer a number of opinion posts, which are always my favourites.

9. Wel Jong Niet Hetero (Belgium)

Wel Jong Niet Hetero (Young, but not straight) is the Belgium website for LGBT youth. Even though their main focus is young LGBT and questioning youth, their website really appeals to me.

They don't just focus on stuff interesting for teens, like information about coming out etc., but they also provide the latest LGBT news both in Belgium and around the world. This includes political stuff, as well as entertainment news and fun events taking place in the country.

10. Queeried (UK)

Queeried is a UK based website for LGBT entertainment and political news and is run by the lovely Michelle Penny.

Queeried offers the latest news from around the world, as long as it's LGBT related. In addition, you can find features there like music to check out, movies to see and even what underwear to buy.


That concludes my top 10 of European lesBian and LGBT websites you should be visiting. What do you think of my selection? Do you agree or are some of your favourite websites missing?

This post was first published on eurOut.

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