Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The most popular Because you're hot posts

It feels like forever since I used to do my Because you're hot posts, even though in reality it's only been a year or so.

I find it interesting and amusing that despite the number of different topics I blog about, those Because you're hot posts remain the most popular ones (this is closely followed by any other kind of post featuring hot women or the L word).

I guess people are just very shallow. There's nothing wrong with that. In case you too enjoy looking at pics of hot women, here's an overview of my most popular Because you're hot posts:

01. Because you're hot: Erin Kelly.

This post has almost 3,000 page views, which is crazy since all it contains are a few photos of Erin Kelly.

Slightly less popular, but still in high demand are:
02. Because you're hot: Clea Duvall.

03. Because you're hot: Christina Cox.

04. Because you're hot: Lena Heady.

05. Because you're hot: Carly Pope.

I'm not sure why these posts are the most popular. It could be they are the most popular women I featured and/or that the most people find hot. It could also simply mean they don't get written about that often so my posts stand out more. Either way I'm glad you're all visiting my blog, even if it's just to ogle at pretty ladies.

For a look at all the Because you're hot posts, click here.

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