Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lists are hot: Lesbians on YouTube

Lists are hot is a monthly column for all those who love lists as much as me. This time I want to share with you some of the lesbians of YouTube.

YouTube is not only a great place to find music videos and movie trailers, it's also a gay Mecca. Ok maybe not quite, but there's lesbians all over YouTube, trying to entertain you. However, because simply searching for things like "lesbians" usually doesn't give you the results you are looking for, I have selected some YouTube lesbians for you that I think are worth checking out.

1. It gets better

You have probably all heard of Dan Savage's It gets better project and the great response it has gotten. On the It gets better YouTube channel you can find clips from anyone and everyone telling LGBT teens it gets better. Since this week, there's something better than people talking: The It gets better theme song!

Rebecca Drysdale (who some of you might know from her web series Time traveling lesbian or her L word serenade), has recorded a music video for It gets better, which has some great lyrics and is also very catchy. If you want to play this song again and again, it's now also available through iTunes.

2. Lizzy the Lezzy

Lizzy the Lezzy is the only (at least I think so) virtual lesbian comedian on the internet. On her YouTube channel you can find a whole range of sketches, songs and things that fall sort of in between. Some might say it's a little offensive, although I think it's rather funny. Having said that, it does seem to be all about sex most of the time, but I guess to some that's a good thing.

3. The Beaver Bunch

The Beaver Bunch was created in 2008 and features a number of queer young people who make vlogs, in which they talk about stuff that happens in their lives or events from the media. I used to check out their videos when they first started out, and I  was happily surprised they are still making videos. The one person I always enjoyed watching was Michelle (who also had a vlog on AfterEllen a while back).

4. Any scene from TV or movie featuring two women

YouTube is also great for finding all those lesbian storylines from TV and movies. No matter how small the part or storyline, if someone spotted it, it's likely to end up on YouTube, even with English subtitles. If you don't care about specific storylines, there's also some great fanvids available, like this one about Pepa and Silvia from Los Hombres de Paco.

5. Unsigned artists

Many singers and other artists these days rely on YouTube to get their songs heard. Just like everywhere else in media, there's many lesbian singers out there, trying to catch your attention. This is how we first found out about all women band Greymatter, but it's also how British singer Sharon Levy was first discovered: because of all the great cover songs she posted on YouTube. Here she is with her rendition of Lisa Loeb's Stay:

6. Vlogs by established artists

It's not just unsigned artists who use YouTube, even more established artists like to connect with their fans through this media. For example, Billie Myers used to do her Unscripted videos (that we also featured on eurOut), but also Sam Fox has a vlog she updates regularly. Here you can see her while she was on holiday in Morocco.

7. Cute lesbian short movies

YouTube is also a great place to find a number of very cool and/or cute lesbian short movies, you wouldn't really find anywhere else. One of those I came across was the short Blow, which I thought was both cute and cool. The short is from Australia and directed by Marie Craven.

8. Lesbian commercials

One place they love to use lesbians (or just two women pretending to be lesbians) is advertising. On YouTube you can find a whole range of very good and very bad commercials starring two women. One that I actually like is the lesbian wedding Johnny Walker commercial. I think it's good because it uses two women together not to shock or entertain, but just as fact.

That's my selection of lesbians and lesbian videos you can find on YouTube. What do you think of these selections? Is there anything lesbionic that you watch on YouTube that I've missed?

This post was first published on eurout.

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