Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Best lesbian websites

I used to do these website of the week posts over at eurOut every single week. Some weeks there were lots of great site to choose from and other weeks I had to search and search to find something halfway decent. Even though not all websites were that interesting or to everyone's tastes, together they make quite a nice collection of lesbian and LGBT websites.

Here are some of those lesbian websites linked to both their URLs as well as the original eurOut posts:

Lesbian (and LGBT) entertainment websites:


The Most Cake

Garbo Amsterdam: Do you like travelling? Do you like dating? Do you like lesBians? If you answered yes to those questions, our Website of the Week might be just the thing for you! Read more here.

Kweens: Kweens is a lesbian entertainment website in German, which was created in 2008. Read more here.

Lesbisk On Screen: his time eurOut’s website of the week is Lesbisk OnScreen, the Norwegian website for anything that is lesbionic in entertainment. Read more here.

Lez on Life: This time eurOut features as our Website of the Week the Spanish website Lez on Life, a blog about the love and lives of lesBians in Valencia, Spain. Read more here.

Our Scene TV: This week eurOut's website of the week is that of OurSceneTV, an online television network that features original lifestyle and cultural programming catered to the LGBT community. Read more here.

Rosalie & Co: This week eurOut features as Website of the Week a new German lesbian entertainment website: Rosalie & Co. Read more here.

Stupenda: Stupenda is a Spanish magazine aimed at lesbians in Barcelona, Spain. Read more here.

The Most Cake: The Most Cake is a British lesBian website trying to represent young and hip lesbians. Read more here.

Velvet Park: Velvetpark was founded in 2002 and is described on their website as "an integrated social network for lesbians and queers featuring blogs, news, video content and an exclusive lesbian dating network." Read more here.


Lesbian (and LGBT) book and magazine websites:


Bold Strokes Books

Avalon Media: The name Avalon Media might sound familiar to you, and that's because they are the publishers of Australia's number one lesbian magazine LOTL. Read more here.

Bold Strokes Books: This week eurOut features as Website of the Week that of LGBT book publisher Bold Strokes Books. Read more here.

G3 Magazine: This time we want to feature G3, a UK based online magazine for lesbians and bisexual women. Read more here.

Gay e-magazine: GAY e-magazine is one of the many online LGBT magazines available, but with a difference. Read more here.

Lamda Literary: Lambda Literary focuses on the written word, with everything related to writing and reading which they point out in their tagline “The leader in LGBT book reviews, author interviews, opinion and news since 1989.” Read more here.

LOTL: This week our Website of the Week is that of LOTL, the website of Australia's oldest lesBian publication LOTL. Read more here.

On Top Magazine: Our Website of the Week this week is that of On Top magazine, a website dedicated to gay & lesbian news and entertainment. Read more here.

Queered Fiction: This week eurOut's Website of the Week is that of Queered Fiction, a small press publisher that specializes in Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual genred books. Read more here.


Lesbian web series:


Anyone But Me

Anyone But Me: This week our featured website is no other than that of the wonderful web series Anyone But Me by Susan Miller (the L word, Thirtysomething) and Tina Cesa Ward about “a new generation seeking love and belonging in the post 9/11 age.Read more here.

Plan V: This time eurOut’s website of the week is that of Argentinian web series Plan V. This 11 episode web series revolves around Ana, a 30 year old lesbian and her interesting love life. Read more here.


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Very nice overview!

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best lesbian website is

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After Ellen why wasnt this site listed

Natazzz said...

No particular reason. We simply didn't feature this website on eurOut.