Monday, December 20, 2010

New blogs

I just wanted to let everyone know I've been busy with two new blogs lately.

The first one is called Young and Innocent (?), on which I write blog posts through the eyes of my fictional kid self. This means I re-write childhood memories and experiences, from the perspective of a child. To make it a little more exciting, I twist the truth a little bit or even add something completely fictional.


So far I've only written two entries, but I think it's a lot of fun to do. It especially makes a nice change from all the other stuff I usually write about. And I'm not just talking about lesbianism.

My second blog is just a photo blog entitled Pics Pics Pics, on which I share some of my favourite photos I have taken over the years. I might even add some photos I haven't taken myself, or that I have found somewhere online in the future. Not quite sure yet, but so far it's fun to have a place where I can put photos on display, besides on my own laptop.


So if you like looking at photos and/or enjoy reading about (mainly) childhood traumas, be sure to check out my new blogs.

Also, keep reading this one as I'm planning to update it a lot more often in the next few weeks. Let's hope this is one New year's resolution I'll be able to keep.

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unfolder said...

I'm looking forward to read/view all 3 blogs :))