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Lists Are Hot: 10 songs by European lesBians

Lists are hot is a monthly column for those that love lists as much as I do. This month it's all about music.

After many months of movies, TV and web series related Lists are hot columns, I thought it was time to devote one to music again. I have selected for you 10 songs by European lesBians that I thought you might like. These are not supposed to be the best songs and they also do not represent all of my favourites (for that I refer you to my very first Lists are hot column), but they are a selection of songs from 2010 and a number from previous years, all by queer female singers from Europe.


1. Skunk Anansie – Secretly (UK, 1999)

I have always been a big Skunk Anansie fan, as well as of Skins' solo stuff. I love the way their music sounds, especially when heard live. They usually also have songs with good lyrics and interesting accompanying music videos. Secretly is one of my favourite songs, that captures all the reasons why I am a fan. The music video features two boys kissing, which not surprisingly, was censored by a few TV stations when it came out.

2. Sharron Levy – What do you want from me (UK, 2010)

Sharron Levy is an upcoming British singer, who eurOut had the pleasure to interview at the Gay Games this summer. Levy is not only a great singer, she also has a nice and diverse music taste. The latter especially comes through in the wide range of covers she performs. A great example is her acoustic rendition of Adam Lambert's What Do You Want From Me? I definitely prefer this version over Lambert's.

3. Elektra – I don't do boys (Iceland, 2010)

The song I Don't Do Boys by Icelandic all-girl band Elektra is a nice pop song and quite catchy, but what it's really about is the video. Be warned, this video is NSFW and features the girls of Elektra showing us they don't do boys by making out with girls. A lot. I can't quite decide whether it's cool or just a bit much. In any case, this song (and especially the video) was pretty popular this year, and in case you missed all the fuss, you can now watch it again.

4. Billie Myers – Kiss the rain (UK, 1997)

It's been 13 years since Kiss The Rain by Billie Myers was first released, but it still remains a very popular tune. I guess it's true that good songs are timeless. Kiss The Rain is one of the songs I currently have on my iPod, and I still enjoy listening to it as much as I did when it first came out. Of course, Myers has released many other great songs since then, but I guess Kiss The Rain will always remain my favourite.

5. K's Choice – Come live the life (Belgium, 2010)

I've always been a fan of K's Choice, as well as of Sarah Bettens' solo stuff, so I was really excited when I heard K's Choice had reformed and released a new album. Come Live The Life was the first single from their latest album, and it's is a nice, catchy song with some powerful lyrics. Not only that, but the video accompanying it is the cutest video I have seen in a long time.

6. Nina Ramsby – Desire to be free (Sweden, 2009)

Nina Ramsby is a Swedish musician with quite a diverse repertoire. Last year, one of her songs I wanna run was used for the great advertisement for the event about heteronormality for Stockholm Pride. This was followed by the release of a totally different song: Ramsby collaborated with Embee, who’s a famous Scandinavian producer, and sang the vocals of the dance track Desire to be free.

7. Wallis Bird – To my bones (Ireland, 2009)

To My Bones is the fun and upbeat song from Irish singer/songwriter Wallis Bird, who we told you about a while back. To sum up, she's young, she's Irish and she's a great singer. To My Bones is a single from Bird's debut album New Boots, which is available in most European countries in both record stores as well as from iTunes. You can find out more about her on her website.

8. Laura Steel – Feedback (UK, 2010,)

Feedback is the latest single and music video from British singer Laura Steel. We already alerted you to this upcoming singer on eurOut, including in Ley's article Dinner with a dozen British queer women. Steel's music is the kind of dancy pop stuff that tends to give me a headache, so not surprisingly, I'm not very impressed by the music qualities of Feedback. But perhaps you disagree with me?

9. More than les - Statement (Germany, 2010)

More Than Les are a new German all-female band that released their first song and video entitled Statement this summer. The song is rather catchy, although not really my cup of tea. What I think is very cool about this video is that everything about it is SO gay. More Than Les are a band of lesbians who sing about what it's like to be a lesbian. If we have to believe their lyrics, this apparently means everybody is dating/sleeping with everyone else.

10. Alex Parks – Maybe that's what it takes (UK, 2003)

For my final pick, I wanted to take you back to the early 2000's when upcoming singer Alex Parks blew everyone away when she appeared on UK talent show Fame Academy (a show like Idols and X Factor, only fun and with talented singers). The first song Parks released was Maybe That's What It Takes from the 2003 album Introduction.


What do you think of these songs? Are some of your favourites on this list or are they missing?

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