Friday, December 24, 2010

LGBT reading challenge 2011

I love to read and have been an avid reader ever since I mastered it when I was little. As a child I read everything I could get my hands on, and probably went through most of our local library's fiction selection.

The speed at which I read these days isn't what it used to be when I was younger, but I still go through a number of books a month. I'm pleased to say that by now I've collected quite an impressive book collection and I'm even more pleased I still have over 30 books sitting here that still need reading.

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Sometimes it helps to have an extra incentive to read, especially if the incentive is also a lot of fun. I came across the LGBT reading challenge 2011 on Book after book, of which I immediately thought that's something I want to participate in!

What's it all about? Well, according to the website:

Why this challenge? LGBT literature is so rich and varied and worth talking more about. That’s why I am hosting this challenge: to keep learning and sharing reading experiences. And, why not, to do my own tiny bit for a more accepting world – one book at a time!

The details of the challenge

  • The challenge will run from January, 1st 2011 to December, 31st 2011.
  • Because I’m also completing another challenge, I’m not setting a goal. You can decide how many books you want to read during the year. Obviously: the more you read, the more prize draws you’ll be able to enter! See the section “Resources” below for some suggestions.
  • What qualifies as LGBT reading? I will accept reviews of books whose author is LBGT, whose topic is LGBT and/or whose characters (even minor ones) are LGBT. Fiction and non-fiction titles are equally accepted.
  • The challenge is open to bloggers and non bloggers alike.
  • There will be monthly prizes for participants.

If you also want to participate, go here to get all the details.

In sum, it means I will make myself read a number of LGBT books the coming year, that I will then posts reviews of.

I'm not sure yet how many I will read, and I have learned from posting an exact figure, as I usually then to overestimate myself. A lot. But let's say I will try to read and review an LGBT themed book at least once a month.

I'm looking forward to lots of reading and review writing in 2011!

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