Friday, September 3, 2010

Road trip through Ireland Part 5: From Galway to Dublin

This is the final part of my posts about our road trip through Ireland. Like all good things, this series also has to come to its end.

We arrived in Galway in the evening, and only had one night there, so we really didn't have a chance to see much of the city.

What was supposed to be a hotel turned out to be a Bed & Breakfast. After our Cork experience we were a little worried, but luckily things weren't too bad there. It was a little noisy and the Full Irish breakfast was horrible, but besides that we had a good stay there.

Ierland 2010 - 1144 Our Galway room in the Bed & Breakfast

We walked into the city centre for some food. Not knowing our way around, we just went in one direction until we bumped into an Italian restaurant. The food was really, really good there!

After dinner we went to explore some more and it turned out we had walked to the more quiet side of the city centre. Galway looked to have quite a lively centre, but like I said, we really didn't have the time to experience it.

The next day we started on our final leg of our road trip, back to Dublin. We drove along the West coast for as long as possible. It was very pretty, but the roads weren't all that great there.

Ierland 2010 - 1156When we arrived back in Dublin, we dropped off our rental car and went to our final hotel. On the way we stopped for some sandwiches and battled the rain. Yes, more rain.

The hotel we were staying at was really nice, probably one of the best we visited, but the decorations were horrible. Our room consisted of a striped floor, dotted curtains and even a chair with a leopard print!

The floors of the corridors looked pretty bad as well. Imagine having to walk through those when you've had a few drinks.

Ierland 2010 - 1166

Dublin hotel corridor

Because we'd already spend 2 days in Dublin at the beginning of our trip, and because we were very tired from our road trip, we decided to stay at the hotel.

They had an all-you-can-eat Asian buffet, and since the hotel was pretty fancy we thought that sounded good. Once again, we were very wrong.

The food was horrible, worse that the worst Chinese I've ever eaten. It was bland, boring and tasted like it'd been standing there for a few hours, which was probably the case.

After the meal we decided to treat ourselves by renting a movie. Unfortunately, I was so tired that I missed most of it.

The next morning it was time to go home again. We packed up all of our things, caught a shuttle bus to the airport and that was the end of our road trip.

It was a really great holiday! Ireland is such a nice, beautiful country and we had a really good time. I'd definitely want to go back there some day, especially to explore the West coast some more.

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P.S. Most of these photos (and with that I mean all the extra pretty ones) were taken by my girlfriend. We took 1172 photos in 10 days, which I think is pretty impressive.

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