Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Skins Season 4 recap – Episode 5: Freddie

Episode 5 of Skins focused on the destructive downward spiral that is the Freddie and Effy relationship.

Previously on Skins: Emily moved in with Naomi and then she found out Naomi had been cheating on her with Sophia, who ended up committing suicide. Then Emily got back at Naomi by doing some drugs and making out with a random girl at a BBQ they were throwing.

This episode of Skins was all about Freddie and Effy. For most of the episode we see them either doing drugs or worrying about how hard life is. All the while they do seem to genuinely love each other, but it's just all so destructive and their life feels so empty. Empty of real, positive, meaningful…anything, besides their feelings for one another.

As if this isn't depressing enough to watch, we slowly see Effy falling apart. Never the most happy or together person, Season 4 of Skins shows Effy as a very depressed, confused and (probably) psychotic girl.

It just gets worse and worse by the minute. Freddie does the best he can, but he's just a 17-year-old and all his well meant solutions, do not really take away Effy's problems.

We see Freddie kick the partygoers out of her house when it gets too much for Effy, then offers her a joint. Luckily, he gets a little smarter later on and gives Effy a bath and takes her to the park.

But when she starts mumbling about how 'they' are coming for her and is convinced the people walking towards them mean her harm, you know Freddie is a little out of his league.

He finally takes her to see his grandfather for help, but they leave her alone in the bathroom and she ends up slitting her wrists. They get her to the hospital in time and she is going to be fine, at least physically. I think it will be a while before we she Effy living a 'normal' life again.

Instead of being happy with all that Freddie's done for her, she tells him to go away. And he does. He goes back to her house and takes all the 'crazy' pictures from her walls and burns them in the back garden.

He's broken and crying and all of a sudden Cook is there to comfort him. There might be a lot of things worng with him, but Cook does know how to be there for a friend in need.

Unfortunately, Emily and Naomi didn't have a storyline this week. In fact, I couldn't even spot either of them in the entire episode. Not even in the weird carnival parade scene, unless I missed them (Someone please let me know if they were there). And it looks like next episode won't be any better.

Next time on Skins: Episode 6 is all about JJ and neither Emily or Naomi were anywhere in sight in next week's preview.

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