Monday, January 18, 2010

Change is good (?)

I've never been a big fan of change. I'm not as bad as Dr. House, but I do usually prefer for things to stay just the way they are, especially if they aren't too bad or in direct need of changing.

At least, I used to think change was a bad thing. Or put differently, I always thought there was no need for disruption of one's life, and I frequently could be heard saying, "Why can't things just stay the way they are?"

It's all good and well to think of yourself as someone who doesn't like change, but you have to ask yourself at what point do you have to re-assess this?

What am I talking about? Well, in a sense, my life has changed quite drastically over the last 6 months, and yet, it hasn't really changed that much at all.

After having been single for a long, long (!) time, and almost having forgotten what it's like to be in love, I finally met someone again.

I met the most amazing girl ever. She's turned my life upside down, made it bigger, better, brighter. Every single day I wake up happy, knowing there's this wonderful person in my life that makes me feel…

So many things. She makes me feel like I can do anything. When she's around I feel happy, loved, safe….she makes me feel complete.

Even though technically my life hasn't changed that much, in many ways, having her in it has changed everything. For the better.

So maybe it's time I started to admit that sometimes change is really really good…


Rochelle Dancel said...

Congrats!! Are you moving?

Betty said...

Well that's just the best change that can happen.

Happy for you :)

Natazzz said...

LOL @ Rochelle.

Not yet ;-)

Random said...

Change is good, isn't it ;-)
Congrats to you two!