Thursday, January 28, 2010

Awesome new German lesbian web series: Emma Stahl

Just in case you've missed it, new German web series Emma Stahl launched the teaser of their web series this Wednesday. What's it all about? Well, it's a web series, with lesbians and lesbian action, it's about a bad ass Special Agent and it's German. The latter is very important, because Germans are very good at producing quality crime shows.

This web series is no exception. Just a few minutes was all it took to get me hooked: crime, suspense, hot lesbian action. What more could you ask for? Watch the teaser below and judge for yourself.

Pretty cool huh? Will you be watching the web series or do you need a little more to be convinced it's awesome?

If you want to find out more about the show check out the Emma Stahl website.


unfolder said...

I think I need a little more than this teaser to be convinced that it's awesome, but I'll def give it a chance and watch it :)

帶我走 said...
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