Thursday, August 6, 2009

YouTube Thursday: Men I like

Because we can’t talk about women all the time…

Nicolas Cage – Well, probably not the person – actually I wouldn’t know – but there’s quite a few movies starring Cage that I love. My two favourites are…

Gone in 60 seconds

and Leaving Las Vegas

Now that’s a love story. It’s horrible, depressing and you know it’s going to end badly…

Edward Norton
– Another actor I enjoy watching. I especially loved Norton in Fight Club

James Marsters.
Well, once again I don’t really care for the actor, but I love love love Spike from Buffy.

Oh and now that we are on the topic of characters by Joss Whedon, I also always really loved Wesley – but from the Angel spin off, not so much the big geek he was on Buffy.

Who I also really love is Pacey from Dawson’s Creek. C’mon, don’t laugh. I like the actor in general, he’s pretty cool on Fringe too.

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