Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting what you want

Most of us spend a lot of time thinking, wishing and longing for getting all the things that we want. Some of us even go a step further and actually try to achieve all those things we long to have.

Depending on the things that you want, your specific dreams and/or goals, this might be a very long journey and you will probably spend most of the time trying to achieve or chase your dreams. Getting what you want becomes the end goal, instead of it just being a new beginning.

Sometimes what you want might be much easier to obtain than you thought. Perhaps you have small wishes or maybe you were just lucky. Whatever the case might be, you probably haven’t really thought much about what you are going to do once you get everything you want.

What if you get everything that you want…then what?

When you have everything you want, do you just lie around being all happy and content? Or do you make new dreams and goals and things that you want to have? Perhaps it really isn’t all that much about getting what you want, but just about wanting things.

Although I have to say that getting what you want can be really really nice. Sometimes I cannot believe my luck. I try to just enjoy and cherish everything that life gives me, but it is so easy to either find fault with what you have or to question it in other ways.

To good to be true is a saying that comes to mind sometimes, just when life is really really good. As if I don’t deserve awesome things to happen to me. WTF. Of course I deserve it. I guess it can just be a little overwhelming.

Sometimes you should just stop thinking, worrying and making your life harder and just look around and think: Yeah, my life is really really good :)

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