Thursday, July 2, 2009

YouTube Thursday: Bad movies I loved when I was younger

There were many bad movies to choose from, but I settled on one very innocent one, and two not so innocent ones...hmm. Or the other way round, you decide.

Peter en de vliegende autobus (1976)

Very bad Dutch children’s movie about a professor creating weightless gummy balls and when they end up in the bus of a school trip the whole bus goes up in the air, but luckily ends up landing in an amusement park. I LOVED this film as a kid.

Threesome (1993)

I saw this movie in the theatre twice. In my defence, I was only 17 at the time and very confused about my sexuality. I really identified with the gay boy in the film.

Wild side (1995)

Possibly one of the worst movies ever made (let’s not get into the plot), but with some unbelievably hot sex scenes between Anne Heche and Joan Chen.


Spoil Myself said...

i've always loved Joan Chen, but ever since Anne Heche claimed she was abducted by Aliens as an excuse for her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, I boycotted her.

So I've only seen Threesome, which was awful. I think my excuse for having seen it was the gay friend I tagged along with.

operacionbotones said...

Dear God, am I the only one who watched Threesome for Lara Flynn Boyle? (Hm, I many not have been that confised about my sexuality back then as I tend to think...)

I can't contest on No. 1, but I always defended Wild Side (it has Christopher Walken! It's not even his worst role!) for its positive, unapologetic and happy-ending lesbian storyline. For someone who previously had only seen The Children's Hour and Mädchen in Uniform, that was an important point. Although I do have to say that I don't remember much plot beyond the always gorgeous Joan Chen and Anne Heche riding off into the sunset in an old bus and with a lot of money. (selective memory. it's a wonderful thing!)

J. said...

Not that I've seen Wild Side in its entirety..

but one thing is for sure .. it can't be worse than (in no particular order):

- The Girl
- Make a wish
- Go Fish
- Bar Girls
- Claire of the Moon

I am glad you agree with me, lol.

Dunno Threesome.. but it looks bad, haha.

Natazzz said...

I like your different opinions about Wildside, but at least we all agree that Threesome was BAD.

J I think Wildside would fit nicely among those movies you listed...