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Upcoming movie: The girl who played with fire (Millenium Part II) - More action, more intrigue, more lesbianism

The girl who played with fire is the second movie of the Millenium trilogy based on the books by the late Stieg Larsson. The story revolves around Mikael Blomkvist, a financial journalist at magazine Millenium who gets hired to investigate and write about a family mystery.

He calls in the help of research and computer expert Lisbeth Salander and soon the two of them get caught up in all kinds of drama and violence. And this is only what happened in the first movie.

In the second part of the Millenium trilogy a big investigation by the Millenium office into the sex-trafficking industry results in two of their staff being killed, together with a lawyer and the only evidence available leads to Lisbeth Salander as a suspect. What follows is a nationwide search – or manhunt if you will – to find Salander and bring her in. For more information about the plot, you can read our review of the books.

Why does eurOut care about this movie? Besides the fact that it’s a great action thriller – if the books are anything to go by, which I am reading right now and loving every second of it – it also features a bisexual lady. The talented, but weird and socially inept Lisbeth Salander is described as someone who has had affairs with both men and women.

In Men who hate women Salander’s bisexuality was hardly touched upon, but in the sequel we can expect a lot more exploration of her Sapphic side. This is because her on and of affair with Miriam Wu plays a crucial role in the plot of the second movie. When Salander disappears, the police’s only lead to find Salander is through Wu.

Of course we will just have to wait and see, how much of the stuff about the two of them that is in the novel will make it onto the screen, but if some of the movie stills are anything to go by we might just get ourselves a little bit of girl-on-girl sex in this film.

I have to emphasize though, that The girl who played with fire is by no means a queer movie. It is just a really good action thriller which happens to feature a main character who is bisexual.

Watch the (Swedish) trailer here. WARNING: Not suitable for those who are sensitive to blood or violence. If you speak Norwegian, you can read a more detailed exploration of the bisexual content here.

Everyone who lives in Scandinavia can watch The girl who played with fire in theatres from September 19. Those in the rest of Europe (and the world) will have to wait a little longer, but most of you should be able to catch the first movie Men who hate women at your local theatre this summer.

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