Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Melrose Place: the Ella connection

Have you seen this trailer yet for Melrose Place – the Ella connection? No, well then check it out. In case you have, why not watch it again.

Now doesn’t that look like fun? Seriously…it looks like a hot mess, in all the good ways. I’ll be sure to tune in when it starts airing in September. Well, you know, not actually tune in, but illegally watch the episodes on my laptop.

I really enjoyed Melrose Place the first time around. Ok to be honest, I was more of a Beverly Hills 90210 fan. After all, I was only 12 or something when the shows first started airing. I did watch most episodes though.

I mainly remember the awesome place these guys lived with the pool in the middle. Billy and Alison who taught me that you can never “just be friends” and Matt the gay guy who mainly showed me that being gay was boring, lonely and dangerous.

Still, it had some great dramatic content and the thought of it being remade, only more dramatic is just very exciting. Actually, I wasn’t that into it yet until I saw the trailer. You can call me shallow or a bad lesbian, but I always do enjoy a nice three way storyline.

Everyone is pretty, everyone is hot, and you know that everyone is going to be stupid and get it on with everyone else. Some say it will be a guilty pleasure, I say why feel guilty? I will be watching and enjoying every second of it, no matter how bad it will be.

Will you be watching?

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Zasquia said...

Hm, not sure if I'll watch. I enjoyed MP, and enjoyed BH90210 even more. But the 90210 remake that they're doing now, is just wrong :P And I'm not sure if I'll like Melrose Place without Heather Locklear. I'll give The Ella Connection a try if they ever decide to air it on Dutch television.