Monday, July 6, 2009

Life blogging a funeral? - Belgium says goodbye to Yasmine

Friday was the funeral of singer and TV presenter Yasmine (real name Hilde Rens) who passed away last week. Because of the huge response from people to the sad news it was decided that the funeral would be open to the general public. The service itself was only attended by family and friends, but about 1,000 fans and other interested people watched the service outside on a big screen.

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The funeral was even live blogged on the internet, which I personally think is wrong and shows a lack of respect. I feel that funerals should be a private matter where loved ones go to pay their respect and say goodbye.

When someone passes away who was loved by many people who did not know her personally, but whose lives she still touched, I can understand there is a great need to show what she meant and to find some closure.

There are a number of different ways to do this, but I don’t believe live blogging the funeral on websites and on Twitter should be one of them. Technology can be a wonderful thing, but in my opinion some things should just stay old fashioned and according to traditions.

All week people have been paying their respects in a number of different ways, including a tribute by lesbian teenagers in Gent. Organisations in Belgium have been really good at providing those who need it with telephone helplines targeted at both the general public and the lesbian community.

I did not know Yasmine very well, but her death has touched me deeply. My heart goes out to her loved ones and everyone else who cared about her. I have been playing this song she sang a few years ago together with Dutch singer Frank Boeijen that I really like and I hope you do too.

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