Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Irrational fears or why I will never get on a rollercoaster again

We all have our irrational fears. Some fears or phobias are more irrational than others. Mine is to do with rollercoasters. No it is not about the height, or the speed or the going upside down part that freaks me out.

I can deal with all that, even though the older I get the less I understand why stuff like rollercoasters and other scary amusement park attractions are supposed to be fun.
The irrational fear I have is falling out of rollercoasters (or ferres wheels, cable carts, ski lifts etc.).

The last time I went in the Python (a huge rollercoaster in Dutch amusement park the Efteling) was a few years ago. As we were going up higher and higher I became convinced and obsessed that my harness wasn’t locked properly and I was going to fall out.

Needless to say I started to freak out a little bit and my friend sitting next to me was nice enough to hold my hand. This calmed me down, even though it was ridiculous as it’s not like she could’ve prevented me from falling out that way.

I still remember that horrible feeling of being convinced I would fall out. I haven’t been in any rollercoasters since. At least none that one could fall out off. People usually laugh at me about this, saying it’s silly as nothing can go wrong.

I almost believed them until 2 years ago the same rollercoaster got stuck. It got stuck at the highest point. I saw the YouTube video of some guys trying to get the people out of the cart. The stupid guys started getting people out from the back first.

When the thing was halfway empty it became too heavy at the front and it started riding again. Some people still had their harnesses open and luckily could just pull them towards them before they went upside down. If they’d reacted any slower they’d fallen out.

So at least my fear for falling out of rollercoasters is a little justified. However, I feel the same way about cable carts, especially when they look like ski lifts. Just too easy to fall out. I know it’s a little silly. We all have our weird fears, and now you know mine.


Molecat84 said...

That's not that silly. I'm fine with rollercoasters, but the last time I went in (on?) those donut dinghy things that get pulled along by a speedboat I freaked out. I was convinced I was going to flip out of them at a bad angle a crack my head open on either a) the outboard motor of the boat or b) the surface of the sea as we were going pretty fast. I ended up screaming til it stopped and rode the rest of the time in the boat.

That's very scary about what happened when the coaster got stuck - you have every right to be freaked out!

unfolder said...

I am so surprised about this fear of yours, I had no idea ;)

It's very sweet of your friend to hold your hand to help you feel safe and it's even sweeter that you believed her at the time :)

I think your fear is justified, even when it comes to cable carts, ski lifts, ... it IS possible to fall out of them, maybe not likely, but I doubt the fear itself is interested in the statistics of it :)