Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Upcoming movie: Les mouvements du bassin

What is the one thing you wish for in queer movies or movies with queer characters and can never get enough of? We all know the answer to this one: lesbians who are dying to get pregnant, of course. Well, luckily our wishes will be fulfilled once more with the upcoming French movie Les mouvements du bassin (Pelvis movements) by Hervé-Pierre Gustave.

Les mouvements du basin tells the story of Marion, who is a nurse at a testing centre where her wife Carole also works. They are living a great life and are both very happy, but what is still missing that would make their life complete is a baby. They decide to get pregnant with the help of a friend who’s a doctor who will perform artificial insemination on Marion.

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Meanwhile there’s Thierry, a bit of a loner, who prefers to play combat sports rather than interact with people. He is a watchman at a factory, which is ideal for his preference for solitude. He gets into a relationship with a transvestite, and when one night the condom breaks, he is convinced that he is now HIV positive.

Yes, this part of the plotline had me frown too. He becomes more and more paranoid and angry.

Then at some point Marion and Thierry’s paths cross in a violent and life altering encounter, that makes Marion loser her baby and Thierry rethink his life. When this happens, according to the plot summary, “The norms of society will be disrupted.” I am kind of scared to find out what exactly they mean by this.

I am not yet jumping for joy at the thought of this movie. I mean, it’s always nice to have a queer storyline, but does it always have to be about having babies? Or in this case, losing babies by encounters with weird paranoid angry men?

On the plus side though, the character of Marion will be played by actress and comedian Rachida Brakni, who is very pleasant on the eye. Brakni has starred in several movies before, but none worth mentioning. Well, besides maybe Skate or die just because I love the title. I also found out she is actually married in real life to the actor who plays Thierry (Eric Cantona).

The character of Carole will be played by actress Maria De Medeiros, who you might know for her role as Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis)’ girlfriend in Pulp Fiction. She also played alongside Isabella Rossellini in the movie The saddest music in the world.

They have only just started shooting the movie and no definite release date has been announced yet, but expect it in theatres across France sometime next year.

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