Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why you should be watching Los Hombres de Paco

In case you don´t watch the Spanish show Los Hombres de Paco, this is why you should:

Here´s what happened...

Previously on LHDP: Pepa and Silvia were broken up, and Pepa spent a lot of time flirting with guys for no apparent reason. This resulted in Curtis developing a crush on her and at the end of the last season, and he got shot in the chest when he tried to impress Pepa.

When they were in the ambulance Pepa told Curtis she loved him, thinking he was going to die. He didn’t. What did happen was Pepa and Silvia kissed, hugged and hopefully will be back together soon.

These episodes of Los Hombres de Paco are really quite long, especially if you consider the fact that Pepa and Sylvia only have very little (relevant) screen time, and that I don’t really speak Spanish. However, last week’s episode was more than worth sitting through for the one hot Pepsi scene, that unfortunately turned into something pretty messed up way too soon.

Before we get to that scene, we can already see Pepa acting all butch. Aitor (yes, that’s the guy that Pepa slept with when she and Silvia broke up) humiliates Sara in front of everyone, because he’s in love with her and he’s trying to make her hate him, since she’s married and it would make things less complicated and painful.

Pepa, however, doesn’t really appreciate his logic, and becomes so angry with him she starts hitting him and then she shoves his face into the toilet.

Aitor tries to make Pepa and Sylvia understand, asking them what they would do. Could they stand being in love with someone and spending all your time with them, yet knowing that they could never be truly yours, because they belong to someone else?

Pepa and Sylvia do not know what to say to that. I do. Stay away from people who are already in a relationship! It will save you so much trouble and heartache.

Now we come to a scene that teaches us two very important things: 1. There’s nothing wrong with a little role-playing; and 2. Don’t lead someone on, especially when you were just engaged in number 1.

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