Saturday, May 30, 2009


I like to tell people I am not good with subtlety and I prefer when people are just straight forward or direct, blunt even if necessary. And most of the time that is true. But just because I do not always get it – or want to get it – when someone is being all vague and I’m supposed to guess, does not mean I am clueless about what is going on. Far from it.

Whenever I meet someone I always get a very strong impression of them, be it positive or negative. I am not just talking about a first impression kind of thing, where you judge a book by its cover, even though I have been guilty of that sometimes.

What I am talking about is actually sensing what someone is about. This doesn’t work with everyone, but with most people I just know. I have met people and from the very first second I had such an adverse reaction to them (including me literary getting cold chills just by seeing someone), I just knew I should never have anything to do with them.

Of course, usually it’s less obvious than that and requires a little more time, but still, I generally always sense whether I like someone or not…or to put it more accurately, sense what they are about.

I can easily detect liars and BSers, so if someone’s just pretending, or trying too hard to be nice or polite or just lying through their teeth, I usually know. I also often do not care, but I still realize they are full of it.

A more positive example is that I also know when someone is just a generally nice and sincere person. It’s a feeling or a vibe that I’ve learned to trust. It’s not about meeting someone you LIKE, but recognizing someone is special.

These feelings I get are usually not very specific though…I can easily tell if someone likes me or not, but I am totally clueless to the details. So I won’t know someone is really into me unless they make that known explicitly.

I am better at picking up those details with others. Whenever I see two people together I can usually tell if they have a strong connection or not. I am not a mind reader, so I don’t know how they really feel, but I do sense there’s something there.

Good thing I am not a very nosey or judgmental person, because the strong connections I sense between people sometimes aren’t necessarily between those in a relationship together.

I could give you many more examples, but they would all illustrate that I sense a lot of things that are going on, sometimes it’s stronger than at other times, but it’s always a general feeling and it’s always there.

Why I am writing about this is because for a long time I thought this was all obvious and everyone felt this way. It took a while to realize that there are many people who are totally oblivious to what is going on around them.

I guess the official word they use for it is intuition, but I don’t really like that word. But it’s there, hiding inside of everyone. It might lay dormant, it might be very rusty, but you can train it and then use it.

Use it.

For me, one of the most important things in my life is to trust my intuition. I don’t always like what it’s telling me and often I don’t want to agree with it, but so far it has never let me down.

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Spoil Myself said...

In the world of Darkover this would be called empathy;)
On a more serious note, I know what you're talking about and believe that more people should listen to their inner voices, gut feelings or whatever they want to call this.