Monday, May 18, 2009

Eurovision…some thoughts and observations

On Saturday was the Eurovision Song Contest. I don’t really care for the ESC, nor do I watch it regularly. I tend to think most of the songs suck and the whole thing is just boring and/or annoying. I do love the score board at the end though.

But this year we did some live blogging on eurout, so of course, as the entertainment editor I had to participate. I decided the best way to go about this is to have something to drink. The something soon turned into quite a binge.

Actually, I did not even drink THAT much, but I was drunk enough as if I had done so. Oh well, at least I had a really good time. Plus I think I did not say anything too embarrassing and I could still type. So yay for me.

What I couldn’t do so well anymore was write. I already am not blessed with very nice penmanship, but the notes I made while watching the ESC look simply horrible. I was going to scan them in, but I decided I am too lazy to do so.

Just trust me when I say those notes are a mess. I did manage to sort of deciphering them, so here’s what I thought about some of the entries:

Sweden: Horrible, crap song…awful dress…nice lady. HOT ARMS! Damn.

Iceland: Nice sweet song and cute girl

Lithuania: Boring, but cute boy in a boyband-ish kind of way

France: Patricia Kaas is not really my taste, but I do think she is way too good to be taking part in Eurovision

Greece: SO GAY!!! Where are we? Are we in Moscow or at a gay club?

Russia: WTF! @ The close ups. Before the end of the song I was shouting: MAKE IT STOP!

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Weird….with drummers…and a red stage….I kinda like it.

Moldavia: Everyone seems to love it….I don’t get it.

Malta: Nice background music…I like the sparkly stage

Estonia: Like it! Nice song! Nice girl! Violins! She has a lovely smile! My favourite so far!

Denmark: It sucks. It’s like a bad Boyzone cover!

Germany: LOL! So CRAP!

Turkey: Average song. Hot women dancing. I love Turkey. Every time (Huh? Not sure what I meant, but I sure seemed to have liked Turkey)

Norway: SO BAD!!! Boy can’t sing! No one hears it…They like him. WTF?

Ok to sum it up….
WORST: Germany, Norway and Finland!
FAVE: Estonia (& the arms of Sweden)

Who won? Norway. And by a lot. I still don’t get it….(I might have said that A LOT on Saturday night).

Did you watch Eurovision? If so, what did you think?


Anonymous said...

i love watching cheesy crap like this (as long as there is alcohol and other people involved). i still can't get over Germany's pants. definitely my favorite moment. Turkey was ok. Arms or no, the Swedish lady did nothing for me. I'm marrying the Icelandic lady but i thought Estonia was the best by far. all i can say about Norway is earworm and WTF.

Spoil Myself said...

i know that Eurovision or the success at Eurovision follows different dynamics, so I still don't understand what makes a song lose and what makes a song win.

Watching the show without zapping certainly helps to stay in the mood, perhaps it gets easier to the end?
anyway, watched for the first time in years and really liked it, but I suspect the live-blogging took a huge part in this :)