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The 100 hottest women from Germany according to BILD magazine

On Wednesday German magazine BILD published their list of the 100 hottest women from Germany, BILD-Liste: Die 100 Erotischten Frauen Deutschlands. It’s like AfterEllen’s Hot 100 only completely different. I guess a better comparison would be with Maxim’s or FHM’s lists of what’s hot.

Indeed, half of the list appears to consist of the usual pin up girls (or porn stars even) that always seem to make lists like these. Fortunately, there are some really nice classy ladies who made it onto the list as well.

As eurOut’s Entertainment Editor I had the difficult task of examining this list more closely to see what collection of hot women Germany has to offer. Ah the things I do for you ladies.

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Number one on BILD’s hottest German women list is Pro 7 presenter Charlotte Engelhardt. I watched quite a bit of television when I lived in Germany, but this lady does not look familiar to me.

I guess she just did not make much of an impression on me, although I can understand why she made it to the top of the list. She’s blonde, she’s fun, and she’s the stereotypical image of what men who read BILD like.

Other ladies who made the Top 10 include actress Sophia Thomalla, TV presenter and former model Sonya Kraus, Gegen die Wand actress Sibel Kekilli, singer Sarah Connor, actress Veronica Ferres, actress and model Cosmo Shiva Hagen (daughter of Nina Hagen), and Deutschland sucht den Superstar contestant Annemarie Eilfeld.

Some other women who made the list that you are probably familiar with, include model and TV presenter Heidi Klum, actress Diane Kruger (Troy, National Treasure), actress and singer Yvonne Catterfeld, actress and model Nadja Auermann, and model Claudia Schiffer.

I selected a few women who made it onto BILD’s list that I thought you might be interested in learning a little more about. These ladies clearly show that hot women can not only be found in Scandinavia (read up on hot women from Sweden and Norway), but that Germany also has a lot of hotness to offer.

#05 Maria Furtwänger
Photo by Karl Lagerfeld

Maria Furtwänger is not only an actress but also a physician, proving that there’s nothing hotter than the combination of beauty and brains. She has played in a number of movies and TV series since the 1980s, but you probably know her best as detective Charlotte Lindholm on German crime series Tatort. Tatort is like the German CSI, only they don’t need all the fancy stuff to make it interesting.

#08 Hannah HerzsprungAward winning movie actress Hannah Herzsprung makes it to number 8 on the list. Herzsprung played the role of Jenny in the queer movie Vier Minuten. She has also starred in a number of other movies, including Das Wahre Leben and the movie adaptation of Goethe’s Die Leiden des Jungen Werther, the only German book I actually read for my reading list in high school.

#11 Alexandra Maria Lara
Romanian-born actress Alexandra Maria Lara has starred in a number of crime films as well as historical ones. Lara started out playing on German TV series and movies, but in the last few years she has had leading roles in many international movies, including Downfall, Control and Youth without youth. She has also appeared in one of the Tatort movies.

#12 Iris Berben

Photo by Ulli Gehner

At 58, actress Iris Berben might be one of the oldest women on the list, but certainly not the least stunning. Berben has been playing in German movies since the late 1960s, as well as starred in several successful TV series, and she has won every possible German TV and movie award you can imagine. You probably know her best for her role as detective Rosa Roth in the TV crime series with the same name.

#17 Simone ThomalleCan you spot a pattern here? I like women who play detectives. And I am not the only one. It’s uncanny how similar political editor Maxime68’s favourites were to mine. Actress Simone Thomalle is since 2008 most known for her role as detective Eva Saalfeld on crime TV series Tatort Leipzig. Before this she already had a successful acting career, playing in a number of TV films and series since the late eighties.

#38 Mariella Ahrens
At 38 there’s another woman that caught my eye. Guess what kind of roles she plays? You can currently catch actress Mariella Ahrens in the ARD series Mit Glanz und Gloria and Massel, but before that she played in the crime show Polizeiruf 110. Not sure if she actually played a detective though. Probably, because I think she’s hot.

#46 Maybritt Illner

I was intrigued by BILD’s description that she has “the attitude of a guy because she’s living in a men’s world.” BS comment of course, but it did make me look into this woman. Journalist, TV presenter and author Maybritt Illner has won a host of awards for her TV journalism. You might also recognize her from when she was the commentator for the Bundestagwahl in 2002 and in 2005. Illner can currently be seen in her own talk show on ZDF.

#50 Nora Tschirner

Cutey Nora Tschirner is an actress and former MTV news VJ. She also presented a radio programme that had nothing to do with MTV. As an actress she has played in many different TV series as well as in a number of movies, including Kebab connection and Alice in Wonderland. The latter I personally find very intriguing.

#51 Britta Heidemann

Fencing star Britta Heidemann can be found at number 51. Heidemann won a gold medal for fencing at last year’s Olympics. Besides being very good at fencing, she’s also an expert on China and currently working on her thesis on Chinese environmental law. Cute, sportive and smart. If she turns out to have a great sense of humour too she just might be my ideal woman.

#59 Britta Kamrau

Another Britta who’s a sports woman made it onto the list. Britta Kamrau is a swimmer for SC Empor Rockstock. She has won all sorts of prizes and awards, that mean very little to me, but sound exhausting. I am talking about the World Championship in Melbourne for over 25 km. Isn’t that like 100 laps? When she is not swimming Kamrau is studying for her law degree.

#61 Anne Will
Journalist and talk show host Anne Will is the only out lesbian on the entire list. After years of hosting a sports programme and the daily news, she got her own talk show in 2007. Her political talk show originally named Anne Will on NDR was voted the most popular one in 2008. In addition, she and partner Miriam Merkel were nominated for best couple in last year’s AfterEllen’s Visibility awards.

#68 Christiane PaulPhoto by Dominik Parzinger

At number 68 we find another wonderful actress who coincidently also does not mind playing the role of a police detective. Actress Christiane Paul can currently be seen in the movie Ob ihr willt oder nicht, but she is also working on a movie called Jerry Cotton in which she plays a FBI agent. Besides this, Paul has also starred in many other German movies as well as several TV shows.

#69 Stephanie KloβStephanie Kloss is the lead singer of the Pop-rock band Silbermond who sing in the German language and are rather successful at it too. They are one of the newer yet most popular bands right now. I listened to some of their songs on their MySpace page. They are not bad, but it is all a little tame for my liking. I do think that Kloss is a cutey though.

#81 Katharina Wagner
Photo by Bayreuther Festspiele/Enrico Nwarath

Hottie number 81 is no other than opera director Katharina Wagner. I have to admit I know very little about opera, let alone what it is exactly that opera directors do, but I do think that the idea of it is kind of hot. She is currently the director of the Wagner-Festspiele. Interesting fact: she is related to (I think grand-grand-granddaughter) the famous composer Richard Wagner.

#87 Franka Potenta

The final woman I want to pay some attention to is no other than actress Franka Potenta. You probably know her from her roles in movies like Lola rennt and The Bourne Identity (as well as the sequel). Yes, she is a German actress. These German ladies can be found everywhere! Not that I am complaining. Interesting fact: Potenta is sporting some lovely tattoos that she even showed off once in an advertisement for Peta.

So what do you think of the women on the list? Can you think of any other German hotties that are missing?

If you are interested in learning more about any of these women, check out this article on eurOut where it actually includes links.

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