Friday, April 3, 2009

Lesbian storyline on Hollyoaks

This week British daily soap opera Hollyoaks finally broadcast the long anticipated, or at least broadly advertised, kiss between regular characters Sarah and Lydia. Well, what can I say? They did share a kiss, but if I had known this is what all the fuss was about, I wouldn’t have bothered watching.
What exactly happened?

Sarah is trying to get her boyfriend Archie to come to dance class with her, but he rather stays home and play video games. She finally convinces him to go with her. He’s not a bad bloke, just not very attentive and he’s clearly not appreciating what he’s got. Sarah’s not happy with the relationship, but she’s pretending that everything’s just fine.

At the dance studio, Archie checks out Lydia, which makes Sarah freak out. How dare he. I personally don’t get why she is so upset, but I guess the writers needed her to hate him. But first we have to watch Archie make a move on Lydia. His friend tells him she’s gay so he shouldn’t bother, but the jerk responds with, “She just hasn’t met the right man yet.” There’s so much wrong with this scene, I am not even going to bother commenting on it.

The girls decide Archie is an ass, and that they rather dance the tango with each other instead. Is it supposed to be hot? Because it’s not doing anything for me. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t watched this series before, but I don’t think Sarah and Lydia have much, if any, chemistry.

Sarah makes a big statement how all men are losers and she’s fed up with them, then she dumps Archie. Sarah and Lydia go have a drink, and Sarah thanks Lydia for dancing with her. Lydia drags Sarah into the backroom to tell her that she quite enjoyed the dance, then talks about their undeniable chemistry (I think she means imaginary chemistry).

Sarah starts responding, saying, “I’m sorry...” but Lydia doesn’t let her finish and kisses her instead. Just a short kiss on the lips that makes Sarah repeat once again that she’s sorry, and Lydia walks away. Lydia must be an amazing kisser, because that one passionless peck is leaving Sarah all flustered.

The kiss had such an impact on Sarah, that the next day she sees images of the two of them kissing everywhere. I can’t decide whether this is funny or just stupid. When Sarah and Lydia see each other again, it’s a bit awkward between them. Lydia, being the lesbian that she is, wants to process what happened, but Sarah doesn’t want to hear it. So Lydia walks off, once again.

Sarah is having drinks with a friend when Lydia shows up, and she joins them at their table. More awkwardness ensues. After a few drinks they relax a bit, and Lydia says she’s glad they can still be mates, and that she’s sorry for reading the signals wrong. Sarah tells her that maybe she didn’t get it complete wrong.

The friend returns before they can continue their conversation. When they are leaving, Lydia says, “See ya”, to which Sarah replies, “When?” Lydia just smiles, and responds, “You got my number,” and then she walks away.

It looks like there might be more to this storyline, with possibly more awkward kissing in the future. Will you be watching Hollyoaks to find out what is going to happen next?

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Anonymous said...

lol this storyline is so bad - there is no chemistry at all. Zoe is the friend Sarah is with when Lydia appears - Zoe and Sarah had a one night stand - they do however have chemistry lol.