Saturday, April 4, 2009

Grey hairs

Last summer while we were sitting on my mother’s balcony, my sister looked at my head closely before shouting, “You’ve got a grey hair!” I was kind of annoyed, yet amused by this declaration as I never really noticed this before, nor did I care.

At least I thought I did not care about any grey hairs. Now it is almost one year later and I am starting to turn into a senior citizen! I am not kidding. What started as a few grey hairs here and there has now turned into nice grey streaks on the top of my head.

You know, a little like having highlights, only with bits of grey. It is so weird, because I am a blonde, and I always thought blondes didn’t get grey lol. Even though I am blonde, I’ve been dyeing my hair brown for years now.

That’s why I didn’t notice earlier. It’s only now that I have been growing it all out (not intentionally, I have just been lazy. Plus I have been swimming a lot, which ruins your dye anyway) that I see that all the new hair I’m creating is full of grey. I guess I should start dyeing it again.

Seriously though: WTF! I mean I am only 32, that’s way too fucking young to be going grey. Besides, men get grey right, not women? I think this is payback for all the fun I’ve been making of the guys I know who are starting to turn grey.

So am I the only one or are there more of you lovely ladies out there hiding their grey hairs? If so, should I be worried or hide mine or just be grey and proud lol?


Spoil Myself said...

couldn't pass that one ;)
I discovered my first grey hair at the tender age of 21. Now, almost 20 years later, I've got a salt 'n pepper (heavy on the salt) head which more than once was rewarded with the reaction "where did you get that color"?
Needless to say, that I don't dye my hair ;)
It really depends on the contrast, the grey to your original hair color, does it fit your style, your hairdo, do you feel comfortable with it or not, etc.

Natazzz said...

Thanks. I guess I don't know how to feel about it yet. Part of me doesn't really care, but at the same time I'm kind of freaked out. I'm not ready to start getting older yet...

Emuh said...

dude I got my first bout of grey hair when I was I'm heavily getting the grey streak my family are almost famous for...I just try and ecept it makes you look older and wiser...and that hair dye isn't that expensive

Natazzz said...

Not sure about looking older and wiser - but good to know going grey is pretty common (ok at least it is among us 3).

At least I am not going that would really suck.

Feylamia said...

I'm 27 and have quite a few grey hairs. I don't mind - it's natural. Plus, the salt & pepper look looks kinda cute on some ladies. If you're among them you don't dye your hair, it'd be a sin! ;)

GenderQ said...

i'm (almost) 32 and i have plenty of grey hairs. you're not alone!