Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Because you’re hot: Rachel Maddow

I just noticed that 3 of my 10 nominees for AfterEllen’s Hot 100 haven’t been featured in “Because you’re hot” yet. How is that possible? Let’s amend this right away, by focusing on one of those hot women: Rachel Maddow.

The last year already so much has been said about Maddow, I really do not see what I could possibly add. The woman is simply awesome. And very hot. She even has me following US politics daily. It’s hard to think of anything more boring, but yet I listen to Maddow talk about it. I listen and I am entertained, sometimes I even care.

Awesome, smart and funny equals hot in my book. Actually looking hot also helps with the hotness. Anyways, I’ll just let you look at these pics and decide for yourself…is she AE Hot 100 worthy?