Sunday, March 1, 2009

Win cool lesbian prizes and catch up on the latest news

Over at eurOut we have a great European Lesbian Entertainment Quiz. Go see if you can’t win some awesome lesbian goodies, if you haven’t already. Even if you don’t care about the prizes, enter anyway and show me how much you know ;-)

Besides making fun quizes, I’ve also been putting together an overview of everything lesbian or lesbian related that happened in Europe this week. And I have to tell you, quite a lot happend…

Here’s a preview:


This week in France it was all about getting naked and changing the world, unfortunately not at the same time (Wouldn’t that be awesome though, if by getting naked you could change the world?).

• You might have wondered what has happened to Nathalie from reality show Secret Story, France’s number one attention whore, since we haven’t talked about her on WAE for at least a month. Well, she must’ve thought it’d been too long as well, as you can find her posing naked in the latest issue of Newlook. Apparently, she is no longer together with Samantha or band member Fabrice, but has a new girlfriend. Good for her.

• The latest queer film project to come out of France is called Le Queer X Show, a documentary about a queer porn road show across Europe. Yes, you read it correctly. On their site they describe it as follows: “It’s like Thelma and Louise, only we do not die in the end, but instead perform explicit sex scenes in front of a camera.” You have been warned: Stay indoors between July 15 and August 7.

• More PG-13 entertainment comes from Les enfoirés who perform a number of concerts each year to raise money for Les restos du coeurs, an association whose mission it is to feed the poor and needy. This year’s artists and public figures taking part include out musician Catherina Lara and Claire Keim, the actress from the Girl (aka the worst lesbian movie ever). You can watch their concert on TF1 on March 6 or listen to their music video here (Beware if you actually like eighties music, as they butcher Status Quo’s In the army now in the name of charity).

[Thanks to Aur for the great tips! She had nothing to do with the queer porn news, of course ;-)]


In Italy attempts were made to protect the true nature of women…

• Former Big brother contestant Leonia Coccia is suing former friend Catherina D’Agostino for accusing her of being a lesbian. Coccia declared, “I have nothing against homosexuals, in fact, some of my best friends are gay. However, I regret that my true nature as a woman is put into question.” Charming.

Read the rest of the column here.

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