Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Someone came out on the bus yesterday

I was sitting on the bus yesterday when I overheard a conversation between two girls behind me. I think they must’ve been around 19 or something and they were talking about the party they were going to.

At some point one of the girls wondered about the kind of guys that were going to be there, to which the second girl responded that that didn’t really matter to her. “Why not” the first girl asked and the second girl replied, “I don’t care, because I’m gay.”

“Really?” said the first girl. “Really,” the second girl replied.
The first girl then went on to question the second girl about it. She was obviously intrigued, but she wasn’t being rude or offensive, just very nosey.

She asked about whether or not she had a girlfriend (no) and if she had had girlfriends (yep). She then went on to inquire about how long she had known (years) and what her parents thought about it (they were cool). When I was about to get off the bus the first girl asked what kind of girls she liked. Unfortunately I did not catch the second girl’s answer.

It was just a random exchange between two people on the bus like you hear every day. Still, I thought this exchange was especially cute. I don’t know how well the girls knew each other (obviously not that well. Then again, you never know), but it was nice to hear that coming out in this case was no big deal.

I do hope for the girl who came out that her friend won’t continue to ask that many questions. Still, if she continues to just be curious and not make a big deal out of it that would be pretty cool.


Feylamia said...

Aww, that's cute! A part of me still expects friends to go "Oh? Oh!" and then run and hide when someone comes out. I can only hope things will get better and better so one day kids will wonder why coming out used to be such a big deal.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

So cool. Gotta love over hearing the random. You little eaves dropper, you ;)